Gateaux Fabulous

After discovering she had a gluten intolerance Hannah Quinlan became frustrated with what little there was on offer in the form of gluten free cakes, everything seemed to be dry, crumbly and not very pleasing to the eye. Hannah’s mission was simple, she set out to create cakes enjoyed by everyone that rivalled ordinary cakes in flavour, while fighting the need to use regular flour. No Compromise!
Hannah has set out to make amazing cakes that just happen to be gluten free. In this sense beauty runs deep, Gateaux Fabulous cakes look and taste great. People who want or need to eat gluten free cakes no longer have to put up with the dry and the drab.
Client Gateaux Fabulous

In 2015 Hannah approached Rogue to bring the Gateaux Fabulous brand to life. Working closely with our team we developed a full brand identity ranging from logo concepts, print materials and a full web layout.
Additionally Rogue also carried out a day of product photography to be used for print and online promotions.

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