3 Tips To Keep That Creativity Flowing When You’re On The Go

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Finding the time to flex those creative muscles can be a challenge. You’re so busy you barely have time to make a coffee and respond to that steadily growing stack of unopened emails in your inbox, let alone find the time to do that 3 month night course or to go to that weekly networking event. Ain’t nobody got time for that, am I right?  But believe it or not it’s not that time consuming to maintain your creative muscle. It’s not that difficult to incorporate creativity -boosting activities into your day to day. Here’s 3 tips I’d recommend to any mind on the go.   Store your ideas somewhere I’m not talking about Sherlock’s mind palace here, there are tons of easy to use tools which can be used for collecting new ideas and inspirations when you’re knocking around, reading magazines or chilling on the web. Anything from that really hi-tech moleskin notebook in your back pocket to a software like Evernote, getting those ideas down regardless of where you are, gives your inspirations a place to dwell. Allocate at least 30 minutes a week to look at what you’ve gathered, it can be a bit of a surprise to see some of the genius you’ve jotted down.   Get that leg pump Try to get out for a walk. Even if you usually drive everywhere, whether it’s the lunch expedition or caffeine hunt, find a reason to get out for a 20 minute stroll or else you’ll just have to get a dog. Walking helps clear the mind and creates room for new ideas. The best ideas are never forced at your desk.   Find interesting people and places You might not be arsed with Friday work drinks, they’re not your real friends anyway, well maybe they are, no one’s judging here. Still it’s a cheeky way to interact with your colleagues in a casual setting. Relaxed relationships and environments are essential for fostering creativity and sharing your ideas. Lots of studies show that talking about ourselves and sharing information activates our brains pleasure centres. The more brain activity, the more neural connections, the more ideas. Exploring new places or taking a new route to the same destination can have a similar effect. Similar to searching for that new idea, it’s not so much about where you’re going but the different perspectives or lenses you’re using to arrive there.

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