Airbnb at the European championships in France.

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Congratulations to the boys in green for making it to the European championships in France this summer! The celebrating may still be going on but it’s now time for you to put away the pint and start planning your trip. It’s the first time Airbnb will be available during a Euros and we’re here to give you a hand picking the ideal gaff. Paris will be the main hub of football banter this summer, so there’ll be literally thousands of hotels to choose from. So we’re not concentrating on Paris. Instead we’ll give you some ideas of some of the secondary cities to stay in like Bordeaux, Marseille, Lyon, Lille and Toulouse. Just click on the name’s of the cities and it’ll bring you to the page, this one’s on us!


Ideal housing for the European championships in France. First up we’ve got a lovely flat for you in Bordeaux. It comes in at 50 quid a night which is grand! Houses two people so that would be cut down to 25 quid as there’s no charge for extra people to stay. Being within walking distance to a tram that would take you to the Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux. The only thing that would make that better is a tram to the tram. It’s also close to a bakery we believe, so before you go out throwing back pints grab yourself a croissant.


Cosy little spot for the European championships in France! 65 euro a night and being able to house three guests!? You’re having a laugh we hear you say. I can assure you we’re not and we’re deadly serious about this whole thing. The whole gaff has a lovely minimalistic look, just like John O’Shea and with the Stade Velodrome only being 10 minutes away in a car it’s ideal. You can also go out hiking in a nearby pine forest if you’re into that stuff. Finally if it’s worth anything David and Candy, the owners look pretty sound too so if you decide to set up camp in Marseille give them a shout.


You may have to share a bed… You and your mate can slap yourselves down here for just 59 euro a night. The property prides itself on being close to everything in Lyon so we take it that it’s also close to the Stade de Lumiéres or the Stadium of Light for you less French savvy folk. It’s the type of place we could imagine Roy Keane and Martin O’Neill sitting in front of the fire with a glass of scotch each. So if you and your buddy like pretending you’re Ireland’s boss and assistant then we recommend this place.


Paint the house green! But not really. At 85 euro a night this is the most expensive on the list. It’s able to house three of you so that shouldn’t be too bad! Public transport is also easily accessible so getting to the Stade Pierre-Mauroy shouldn’t be too difficult. Geoffrey, the owner, also offers to pick you up which is sound of him as it’ll save you about a tenner on taxi money. If you have any spare time visit the old stock exchange building that’s close by…


This gaff is mad. We love it! Known for being class at rugby, the city of Toulouse is also home to a decent stadium called Stadium Municipal. We basically chose this last gaff because it looks pretty mad and full of surprises like James McClean. It’s also cheap as chips at 45 euro a night and it would accommodate you and 4 of the lads. It also says it’s just steps away from the town, the subway and a bike station but it doesn’t clarify exactly how many steps, so we’d be careful with this one. We’re getting extremely excited for the European championships in France so we hope this guide to choosing the perfect gaff on Airbnb helps you. If it doesn’t just head on over to Airbnb and check it out yourself. While we’re at it we put together the group we hope to get, have a look!

Our ideal group for the European championships in France.

Rogue’s ideal group for the European championships in France. We think this would be a pretty handy group. We threw England in because just how great would it be to spank them in our opening game? Also Portugal are pretty shite except for that one lad they have called Ronaldo. No matter what the European championships in France will be extremely tricky! What do you think? Let us know…

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