Clever ambient marketing Ireland would love, it the kind that truly seeks out proper, non-traditional advertising space. We take a look at some of the best, and how it’d work in an Irish advertising landscape.

1. The OREO Elevator: Delicious Ambient Marketing Ireland Would Drool Over…

Such a clever use of an elevator by the FCB agency for OREO cookies. With the window vinyl of the OREO cookie affixed to the actual glass elevator-panelling, we see it launch it’s way down to the glass of milk which is another window vinyl affixed to the exterior casing of the elevator shaft. The completed action simulates a visually satisfying cookie ‘dunk.’ It confirms OREO’s assertion that their’s is milk’s favourite cookie. So simple, devastatingly effective. True, ambient marketing Ireland’s consumers would buzz off of.  

2. Cingular’s “Dropped Calls”

A left of field use of advertising space that bleeds into real-world environments around it. Conceived by the folks at BBDO, New York, the advertisement is a brilliant use of space on and around a traditional billboard sign area. Being the ultimate physical expression of the term ‘dropped’, Cingular’s ad sees the actual word ‘dropped’ fallen to the ground. Simulating the act of it breaking away from the rest of the ad, the fallen piece is made to look crashed into the ground. A hilariously different way of making people consider their phone service and the horrible occurrence of ‘dropped calls.’ Ambient marketing Ireland’s general sense of humour could connect with.  

3. Terminix “Fries”

Skewing how we look at food, and in particular ‘fries’, this ambient offering from Terminix highlights how delicious termites find the wood found in our homes. Basically, as delicious as we find fast-food fries. And that is guiltily delicious. Utilising thin strips of wood similar to the actual shape of fries, they placed them in a giant fries carton. On the front of the carton, they printed the line: “Termites eat 24 hours a day.” They placed the advert in urban areas with high traffic and footfall. So simple, cheap and utterly effective. A triumph for ambient marketing Ireland’s wood owners would enjoy and relate to.  

4. Braunwald Tourism: “Mountain Degustation In The City”

I like popping bubbles on bubblewrap. Because I am a normal person. And someone very clever in BBDO realised this fact. And along came “Mountain Degustation In The City.” Because bubbles. And these bubbles have mountain-air in them. For serious. Popping a bubble, the member of the general public experiences the fresh mountain air inside of them. The air comes from the mountain resort of Braunwald.