Explainer Videos And Their History

An explainer video is typically a short animated video that business tends to use to quickly get across their brand story in a memorable manner. This format of the video really started to gain traction in 2007, when a company called Common Craft created a video explaining how to use Twitter, the latest social platform at the time. Wow… we’re old now.

The graphics were simple and so was the language. The video killed it! It got almost 10 million views and created millions of new users for the newly established social platform. It was this video that really marked the dawn of the explainer video. Since that initial explainer video, thousands and thousands of businesses of all sizes have started incorporating short and compelling animated videos to help increase their online brand presence.

Whilst it is true that animated explainer videos work very well for businesses like Twitter, as the services they provide may be difficult to clearly describe in an easily understandable way. However, these animated videos can be very useful for any business that is looking to convey a message in an easy and effective way.


Why Should You Use an Explainer Video?

Lots and lots of businesses can really struggle when it comes to expressing clearly and effectively what it is that they do. When a website user lands on a company’s website, how frequently do they leave with a genuinely clear idea of what services the company provides? This is where animated explainer videos can be really helpful. By combining both visual and auditory content together, these animated explainer videos can really increase retention rates and clear up and confusion around a business’s value proposition in a succinct way.

Our brains are wired to respond to stories and narratives, especially ones that can engage with the ideas that are familiar to the audience. By combining unfamiliar ideas with familiar notions, stories told with video can really help to introduce new concepts to the audience. An animated explainer video will give your customers another reason to care about your business.


Why is an Explainer Video Different from a Branded Video

Many businesses are jumping on board the video content train, implementing branded clips into their content marketing strategies. However as you can imagine, not every video is created equally. Branded videos, similar to internet commercials, tutorials, and even case studies will provide additional content that is meant to engage the viewer. These videos could be animated, but a lot of the time isn’t.

In contrast, what an explainer video is looking to accomplish is quite different. These animated explainer videos usually distill down a wide-ranging or complex idea into a much more easily consumable and understandable package, that allows the viewer to take away a much better idea of what it is exactly a company does and why they should care about its product or service. Whilst both approaches can be used in conjunction with each other, these animated explainer videos will perform a very different function to that of the branded videos. They rely on simple stories to convey a much larger concept.

How Do Explainer Videos Work

We start with a bit of human psychology and how the brain works, we use this knowledge to create truly compelling videos that have shown to increase retention and recall. Its this knowledge that lets us know that what we are creating will actually work, presented in the optimum medium and stimulating both visual and auditory senses.

This multi-pronged approach gives us several different ways to get a foothold in the viewers long term memory, ultimately increasing recall of the information presented. Over 1 billion unique visitors frequent YouTube monthly. This equates to over 6 billion hours of video being consumed on the platform every month. Every business can tap into this constantly growing audience simply by creating an explainer video.

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