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At Rogue we believe everything starts with a story. Animation involves two vital ingredients; the narrative and the character. Whether you want to attract and engage your audience online or offline, the core ingredients rarely change. With every animation video we undertake, our goal is to inspire and delight your audience so your brand remains front and centre.

The Rogue animation studio specialises in a variety of animation techniques. With a team of script writers, animators and 3D designers, we are equipped with a full storehouse of production services ranging from bespoke illustrative videos, 3D animated content to corporate explainer videos and VFX post-production.


No matter how big or small your project, it always comes down to the finest details and that is why our clients choose Rogue when considering an animation studio in Ireland.


Have a new project in mind? Get in touch with our animation studio today and we’ll start planning something magical.



2D Animation
3D Animation and modelling
Animated Adverts & Television Commercials
Animated Explainer Videos
Animated Training & Educational Videos
Animatic Production
Animation Storyboards
Character Design & Animation
Interactive Animation
Motion Graphic Animation
Scriptwriting Services
Virtual Reality Animation
Whiteboard Animation