Augmented reality is forever expanding into popular culture, and it shows no signs of abating. We’ve gone far beyond Niantic’s ‘Pokemon Go’ in terms of possible use for the technology. People are waking up to the endless possibilities it can afford us.  

Augmented Reality & VR.

Heres where the Microsoft Hololens comes in. Bridging the gap between augmented reality and virtual reality, the Hololens provides a much more immersive world than the one offered by an application like ‘Pokemon Go.’ Using on-board processing, custom nano-optics, sensors, spatial sound and communications, the headset enables the user to experience something between virtual and augmented reality. So its all-immersive, yet completely based in the everyday world around you. Speaking at ‘Hotchips’ 2016, it’s primary engineer, Nick Baker, the set enables the viewer to experience “…holographic computing natively. You don’t have to place any markers in the environment. No reliance on external cameras. Or other devices. No tethers. Don’t need a cell phone. Don’t need a laptop. All you need to interact with the full Windows 10 built-in computer is gaze, gestures and voice inputs. Because we have the sensing technology built in, you are free to move around your environment. I can walk around my home, from one room to the next. Holograms come to life and integrate seamlessly with the objects around you. It’s mixed reality, a more natural way of interacting.”   This is a seriously exciting acceleration in immersive, augmented reality technology. Imagine not only being able to see a pokemon, for example, but to advance toward it. As a result then, experiencing it grow in size like a normal object in a room. To be able to consider it from all angles. To walk around it and to see it from behind. Frighteningly exciting for augmented reality’s capabilities.  

Wireless Augmented Reality

In addition to all that, the headset is completely wireless as well. Therefore, this will mean ease of use when becoming immersed in this new vision of the world around you. Also the cameras are hyper sensitive, which allows them to read your hand movements. So if you touch or react to this new reality, it will pick up on it and you will manipulate or influence the projection.   This is a seriously cool piece of kit. We can’t wait to get our hands on it and try it out for ourselves. So, what do you think? Are you as excited as we are?