All of us here love this new creative Super Bowl spot from Pepsi! Unquestionably helps to make up for whatever that absolute fail with Kendal Jenner was anyway. At last Pepsi are addressing that oh so common question through their latest piece of creative, a question we’re sure they are sick of hearing “Is Pepsi OK?”. The question is presented the same way it usually is in real life, by a waiter after being asked for a Coke. However, on this occasion, Steve Carell pops up and spends the next 30 seconds convincing us that a Pepsi is more than just okay. As well as Lil’ Jon and Cardi B.

Kaplan, Pepsi’s VP of Marketing said: “We felt that it was time to address this question head-on, by celebrating our fans, our valued restaurant partners, and our core consumers by unapologetically letting everyone know that Pepsi is way more than OK.”

“More Than OK” will be run as a 30-second Super Bowl spot, with a longer 60-second cut for online creative campaigns.