Lets cut the crap… You want a list of interesting/funny/provocative/cool viral videos to watch right now, don’t you? Well, you’re in luck! Heres a rundown of the biggest viral videos so far this year. We dissect them for what they are, and why we think they went viral in the first place. Take a look…  

#5 Zipper Merge

Ah, road-rage. What else could possibly surpass it? Oh yeah: ‘Comment-section’ rage. This video provides an instance of the first, with the Youtube comments providing the latter. So, what put this above other viral videos in the first half of 2016? Well, it’s an excuse for people to vent. Simple as that. The video itself features a biker who recorded everything on a Go-Pro attached to his head. Upon reaching a supposed ‘Zip’ or lane-merge, we see a lady in a car drive up alongside him, ignoring the age-old courtesy of merge-calming. Oh the horror. Claiming to the police that she tried to run him over was a bit far, but she apparently got two tickets worth $300. Many people had strong opinions on who was right and who was wrong in the incident. Many praised the biker but criticised his over-reaction with getting the police involved. This is why it went viral. It highlighted a bad traffic habit people hate. And they seized it and it’s related comment sections to breath fire. A lot. Uploaded By: CrashTestDave Uploaded to Youtube: June 28th, 2016. Views (As of August, 23rd, 2016): 5,158,822

#4 подожгла “пистолет” на заправке вСургуте


Woman Uses a Lighter While Filling Car With Gas.

Oh yeah… All the elements are there: A Person. Flame. Fuel. Automobile. All the things we want to see in a video (wheres the cat, though?). I personally don’t know what happened. It doesn’t matter. Regardless of her thought process, it brought her to a place where she lit the fuel-tank of her car on fire. It doesn’t matter what she may have been trying to do. SHE LIT HER CAR ON FIRE. And viral videos are always improved by fire, duh!

This is viral because people love seeing other people being absolute idiots. And we love seeing fire, I guess. The people filming were clearly torn about how much footage they could catch and getting out of there fast so they wouldn’t actually be blown up.

Uploaded By: MrMegaROMA Uploaded to Youtube: January 4th, 2016.

Views (As of August 23rd, 2016): 7,471,080

#3 World’s Fastest Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot – Now Official Record is 0.900 Seconds

We love when we’re reminded of how the robots are slowly but surely taking over everything; including the world of Rubik’s Cubes. Its horrible, but its true. Robots have cornered the Rubik’s Cube solving-market. Dear God, what kind of world is this?! Endearingly, at the beginning of the video, the guy actually attempts to explain how the robot does it. As if we can understand or even care about the process. We just want to see it happen, dagnabbit! In all seriousness, its a highly impressive feat of engineering by Jay Flatland and his friend Paul. They subsequently went onto break the Guinness world record with a time of 0.900 seconds. Thats quick. Uploaded By: Jay Flatland  Uploaded to Youtube: January 11th, 2016 Views (As of August 23rd, 2016): 7,858,245

#2 Snowboarder Girl Chased By Bear: Viral Videos’ Dirty Secret

It’s honestly even cooler than it sounds, and it sounds pretty cool, huh? YEP. BUT ITS FAKE. The video has a woman snowboarding whilst listening to Rihanna’s ‘Work’ song. So, she can’t hear or see the giant bear chasing her as she snowboards down ‘Hakuba 47’ in Japan. Personally, first impulse was “Why is she filming herself, and not the actual descent?” but I’m a pessimist like that. Plus the bear looked so fake to me. Anyways, it was part of an experiment run by a production studio, to try and make a video go viral. It worked, registering nearly nine million views. Viral videos created solely to become viral videos?! Surely not! Uploaded By: Kelly Murphy Uploaded to Youtube: April 10th, 2016 Views (As of August 23rd, 2016): 8,632,187

#1 Incredible Whale Encounter – Mother Gray Whale Lifts Her Calf Out of the Water! [HD]

The footage is real this time, and it is lovely and heart-warming and a perfect example of a good viral video. We see a mother grey whale and her baby calf up close and personal with a lucky group of boaters. I mean, look at how close they are!: Its shows the comfort the whales have with the visitors to Laguna San Ignacio on the Pacific coast of Mexico’s Baja peninsula. They swim so close to the boats and allow those onboard to scratch and caress them. How amazing would it be to experience this? The reason we have video sharing is so we can see and experience things we normally wouldn’t. We then have viral videos as a result. Uploaded By: One World One Ocean Uploaded to Youtube: Mar 12, 2016 (Only went viral in 2016) Views (As of August 23rd, 2016): 9,878,370