The subject of Youth Marketing and connecting with younger audiences such as Generation Z is as much of a hot topic now as I’m sure it was back in the days when it was common place to sell those Christmas cartons of smokes for the entire family.

Today’s youth (generation Z) are no different from any other day’s youth, they’re just probably more aware and wiser to the world. Ultimately through advances in technology and society’s acknowledgement of children as actual individuals, “Youth” are exposed to more adult shit at an earlier age, we have to make our own decisions about things earlier. We have so much information available to us, so many different sources and viewpoints that we must assess the reliability and authenticity of what we’re searching. We also have been given more control in relation to the decisions we make, what we wear, what we eat and ultimately what we buy or had bought for us. Thus today’s youth if anything is just less naive in their view of the world and the way they can be sold to. Below is a video from the AMA discussing youth marketing.



So what can we learn about selling to “Youth”?


Generation Z aren’t the rebels of Gen X and most millennials are probably nearly if not already parents at this stage. It’s all about showing how your band relates to this demographic. The key here is being genuine, It’s not as simple as making the circle fit the square, any shallow attempts at marketing will be quickly realised and rejected – “Don’t Market To Me Bro”. Brands need to create cultural connections and understand who we really are.

Oh yeah and if you’re over 35 you better be wearing a snapback and some thick framed glasses if you want to look like you know what you’re talking about in relation to Youth Marketing!