Christmas is the time of good will among men; and Christmas marketing is the clever use of this fact. Obviously and simply put, people love Christmas. And mashed in amongst the memories of Christmas dinners, presents, family and friends that people hold so dear? The clever advertisements and campaigns that drive the commercialistic centre of what Christmas unavoidably is. Christmas marketing helps make Christmas; it helps to build excitement, gives people gift ideas, its essential for today’s understanding of what Christmas is. For me, it’s the Kellogg’s ‘Corn Flakes’ advertisement. And the Coca-Cola one is iconic. And we can’t forget the annual John Lewis instalment. And of course the Guinness one (“Don’t forget to turn off the lights!”). OK, I’ve a few favourites. But what about the experiential aspect of Christmas marketing? Which campaigns and activations set the festive fire under our collective bums? Lets take a look see.

Cool New Christmas Marketing: Carlsberg Tree

We all know the well established beer-dispensing billboard carlsberg so selflessly rolled out to the public. Free beer, advertising, direct engagement with the public? Hole-in-one, Carlsberg, well done. For their 2015 campaign, Senior brand manager for Carlsberg, Dharmesh Rana decided we needed a beer-dispensing Christmas tree. And he’s right. We all need it. A beer-dispensing anything is a good thing, so why not link it up with the most merry-making time of the year? As per usual, Carlsberg killed it.  

Gift-Wrapped Store: Pret A Manger

Pret A manger basically made their store appear like a gift to the public. Something to be excited about; something to open, and look forward to. Fetishising their brand. And how did they do it? They gift-wrapped it. Simples. Effective and smart, yet so simple. People who ‘opened’ their store got a free coffee as a reward also.  

Gift-Wrap Billboard: Coca- Cola

Coco Cola have basically invented Christmas. And Christmas marketing with it. Or at least mastered it. This particular offering is just a small one from the marketing department over at the crazy caffeinated kids. It a billboard. BUT ITS WRAPPING PAPER. “So how does it work?” someone in Coca- Cola queried the guy who dreamed it up, “It’s simple. Its a billboard, but its a useable roll of wrapping paper. Geddit?” “Genius. Get me JCDecaux NOW GODDAMNIT!” Probably went something like that…  

A Letter To Our Parents: IKEA

I’m not crying, you’re crying… OK, so IKEA mentally ambush us with this tear-jerker; they get the kids to write a Christmas letter. To their parents. The overall theme running through their letter’s is how much they’d love the gift of more “time” with their parents. I’m gonna just pop out and call my mother real quick… Seriously though, Christmas is mostly a time where friends and family gather to celebrate in each other’s company. IKEA used this to heighten emotional connection to their brand through our kids. Christmas marketing that tugs at the heart-strings for sure.