Love this campaign for the 2015 Cricket World Cup! Hosted by Australia and New Zealand, Sportsbet, Melbourne decided to ruffle English feathers in the build-up, using a cheeky outdoor campaign that rips the piss out of an already vulnerable and out of form English side! With a track record for creating mischief, similar to that of Paddy Power here in Ireland, the betting giants replaced concert posters with “missing” posters looking for the safe return of the English teams’ “balls”.

  Using the hashtag #MissingBalls, this controversial campaign was able to generate over 6 million social media impressions within the first week. Credit for this campaign falls on Naked Communications . Not only was this traditional outdoor campaign ballsy and creative, its digital marketing integration with social media has allowed the agency and the client to receive global coverage. #MissingBalls  

We Do What Others Don’t 

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