To add to the list, here’s the most recent controversial advertising stunt published by Paddy Power…online that is. The betting giants are taking bets on whether Garda Commissioner Noirín O’Sullivan will remain in charge come December 21st. Paddy are truly the King’s of reactive advertising. This cheeky print advert features the Commissioner along with the headline “Take Her Breath Away” – unfortunately for Paddy Power, both the Irish Times and the Irish Independent refused to publish the advert as it was deemed ‘inappropriate’. Due to the continued pressure faced by O’Sullivan, most recently in relation to the Breath Test Scandal, Paddy Power cut their odd down to 2/9 for her not to be the Garda Commissioner come December 31st. Paddy’s Advertising Director, Ken Robertson, believes that it was absurd to pull the add right before print deadline – “Given the amount of coverage both titles have afforded this story recently, it seems absurd they wouldn’t print our ad. I don’t accept their position that the advert was “inappropriate”, perhaps they could hae let their readers make up their own minds.” Was this controversial advertising too much or would you let it go to print? Either way, the advert was published online for all to see. All is not lost, thank heavens for digital eh? Let us know your thoughts! And if you fancy a cheeky bet, here’s the full list of odds: Nóirín O’Sullivan to be Garda Commissioner on Dec 31st 2017 11/4 Yes 2/9 No Nóirín O’Sullivan Exit Date 6/1 30th March 2017 5/1 31st March 2017 2/1 April 2017 11/1 May 2017 16/1 June 2017 14/1 July 2017 16/1 August 2017 20/1 September 2017 20/1 October 2017 20/1 November 2017 20/1 December 2017 11/4 2018 or later Nationality of the next Irish Garda Commissioner Evens Non-National 6/5 Irish Civilian 3/1 Current Acting Garda Read more at