Creative Agencies Dublin's Shoppers Need


The good creative agencies Dublin has come to know, understand the consumer. They know their habits online. How they buy something online. Why they buy that particular brand. The when and where can even be quantified nowadays. The creative agencies Dublin trusts, have so much access to so much consumer data today. Its imperative that businesses utilise this fact, so as to get full bang for their buck when advertising themselves.   At this time of year, the consumer fully embraces the notion of ‘consuming’. Christmas time sees the obvious rise in consumer activity, as people embrace the traditional Christmas time ideal of giving. Its the time of year to make hay.  

The Creative Agencies Dublin’s Christmas Shoppers Can Gain From…

creative agencies dublin According to research carried out by Google, the ‘mobile’ Christmas shopper is open to shopping around. “50% of holiday shoppers said they were open to purchasing from new retailers. This is especially true online. More than three-quarters of smartphone shoppers who usually go to the same physical stores when they shop for products are very open to new retailers and brands online.” This is a huge percentage willing to shop elsewhere. Retailers and businesses need to be visible and in front of the consumer’s face at the time of their choice being made. People don’t feel a strong sense of brand loyalty when shopping online. This is down to the fact that they are a less accountable presence when online.  This is as opposed to visibly walking into a competitors shop.  

Mobile Statistics

In fact, 76% of google search engine users change their mind over who to give business to, once they start researching the actual service they need. This proves that mobile is also king for helping the consumer decide upon which product to buy offline. The results given to consumers by search engines like Google really do have an influence. As such, a business’ SEO strategy needs to be fine tuned to ensure it’s product ranks favourably on search engines. You need to be visible online when consumers make that final jump across the threshold to conversion. Especially at this, the jolliest, most commercially driven holiday-time of year. The good creative agencies Dublin’s businesses need to engage with, are the ones that know how best to market your brand online. Which in turn drives traffic and ultimately sales. A creative, thoughtful marketing approach online can gain traction for your brand. This win turn will help to ensure your online presence for the benefit of the consumers waiting to be swayed.   The report winds up with the fact that “76% of people who search for something nearby on their smartphone visit a related business within a day, and 28% of those searches result in a purchase”. Thats considerable conversion. Dublin’s businesses need to be awake to mobile’s dominance. Its going nowhere anytime soon. Mobile optimisation, a good SEO strategy, and AdWords are all vital in todays market.