When considering a truly cutting edge creative agency Dublin’s marketing landscape would benefit from one that truly pushes the boundaries. The established boundaries that define what a true creative agency is can change as much as the industry requires it to. Is it digital marketing? Experiential marketing? Ambient marketing? Guerilla marketing   The same rules still apply. All the above is still vital to the lifeblood of a good creative agency. But the good kind of creative agency Dublin city is known for, understands that they need to be applied differently. The utilisation of the mediums above are evolving always.    So, how best to utilise digital marketing into the upcoming 2017? And experiential? And guerilla, etc. etc.? Here at Rogue, we look closer, to see what kind of creative agency Dublin deserves…  

Smart Digital Marketing: Vital For The Creative Agency Dublin Needs

To succeed with digital marketing, you have to be able to create online engagement and awareness. This is primarily done through social media. But which social outlets are all the ‘kids’ hanging out in? Where are all the influencers?  


Nowadays, people are starting to get their heads around the idea of properly utilising Snapchat, and actually quantifying it’s engagement and reach. Applications like ‘Snaplytics’, can now enable us to measure a ‘snap’s’ reach, view-rate, completion rate, etc. And including the added value of being able to schedule or queue snaps, we can now really use this social outlet. Most influencers of popular culture use Snapchat most, coupled with their Instagram account. These ‘influencers’ spend half of their time on Snapchat pushing one brand after the other. Its unregulated, its fierce, and its where people are listening. The Jenner’s are basically running their empires through their Snapchat and Insta accounts. Want to see the new colour range of lipsticks Kylie’s launching for fall? Check out her snapchat-story. Shes not paying for TV time, online advertising, print, nothing. Just her broadband connection. A serious consideration for anyone wanting to fully push a brand out into the general consciousness. Influencers can most times have more reach than most traditional marketing campaigns. Many influencers thrive in Dublin and indeed their influence is felt throughout the country (Marissa Carter, Pippa O’Connor, James Patrice, Suzanne Jackson anyone?) A good creative agency Dublin’s businesses and beyond would benefit from, would be one that has it’s finger on the pulse. One that knows what and who it takes to push an idea, product or brand toward the right segment of the market.  


You can’t just plop a prop on top of Grafton street in Dublin city centre anymore. It has to engage more; give people a tangible experience that they can take away from the event. Something they can translate across to people; to share it with others. Really, it has to have an online aspect to it. An extension of the campaign that maximises the initial impact of the activation. Be it in the shape of a sharing incentive on social media, or an online competition, experiential these days has to bleed into digital and mop up any and all engagement it can. To ignore digital engagement with any activation nowadays is as effective as getting the marketing budget and setting it on fire. The hopes that it will be picked up by the more traditional, print media on it’s own merits is a very risky thing. Use your online platforms, use your company’s reach, help get the word out there! Its free! The kind of creative agency Dublin needs knows this, and uses this fact. Simple.   In short, a good creative agency Dublin could gain from, is the one who is the master of digital and experiential. The agency who has the best ideas, and who can implement them and get as much growth and engagement from these ideas. Us of course! Click onto our contact page to get the ball rolling for your digital campaign today! Or experiential! Not forgetting guerilla! And of course ambient! We’ve got you covered. Trust me.