For truly creative experiential marketing Ireland’s consumers would absolutely engage with, some pointers could be taken from these amazing examples. They are all similar, in that they are absolutely creative and engaging. However, they fall across various different industries and business types.


1. The 2 Euro T-Shirt: A Social Experiment

To mark Fashion Revolution Day, Fashion Revolution partnered with BBDO Berlin for this stunt in the centre of Berlin. They wanted to make people realise the actual cost of cheap clothing. And to see if, given the chance, they would actually go ahead with the purchase knowing the full facts? A brilliantly staged social experiment by BBDO Berlin. It really is the kind of creative experiential marketing Ireland’s general public would engage well with. Reassuringly, nine out of ten people clicked the ‘donate’ button, instead of the ‘buy.’  

2. Monopoly’s Italian Prank… Creative Experiential Marketing Ireland’s Customers Would Love!

Well… Maybe Ireland’s banking customers mightn’t appreciate the stupendous level of trolling from Monopoly here! It is very funny though… Preying on unsuspecting house-hunters, they staged a fake meeting with an estate agent, called ‘Ultimate Estate’. Littered with clues as to who exactly the house-hunters were dealing with, it hilariously played up Monopoly’s venture into more real-life methods within the game. That being, sudden value changes and credit card usage. So, like in real life, the game will be electronic, with no paper money. A cool, if slightly surreal change to the long-loved game. Eventually, the prank is revealed, and a real life ‘Rich Uncle Penney Bags’ confronts the pranked hunters, and its all hilarious stuff. But lets look at it. Under 55,000 euros for a flat in Milan? Personally, for that price I’d be raging. I mean, if the only issue was that the previous home owner would have to be bailed out of prison and then live with me for two months? Totally fine. He could bring Little John from the yard with him, and set up a criminal enterprise from the loft for all I’d care. Its Milan… A great example of creative experiential marketing Ireland’s house-hunters would either really love, or really hate!  

3. Quick Burger’s Mega Savings!

I have a considerable soft spot for Quick’s burgers. I was in Brussels recently and was actually looking forward to visiting a branch over there. So it was great news for these ears to hear that the Belgian brand were rolling out a new promotion. They wanted everyone to know about their new MEGA burger. So, the best way to advertise it and get it out there? Yep. You’ve guessed it. MEGA sized coupons. Simple. Funny. Perfect. It resulted in a humorous forty second video clip, which was shared on the brand’s social media channels. That tasty and creative experiential marketing Ireland’s hungry consumers would like to see.          



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