Creative experiential marketing is something that can be lacking sometimes. How many times have we seen lazy, unimaginative examples of so-called ‘creative experiential marketing’? Which doesn’t really meet KPI’s, or drive home the campaigns message? Too many to mention to be honest. It is insulting to the word ‘creative’. I know, I know, sometimes it can be a case of budgetary and time constraints. When a client needs something done in as short a time as possible, with limited budget. It can hinder a campaign. Agencies can be faced with such issues every single project. It can challenge any creative house the world over. But the good ones relish such a creative challenge (to a certain degree!). To over-deliver and help a brand to become more than the sum of their parts in the eyes of the consumer; that is the driving force behind the good creative agency.  

The Best Creative Experiential Marketing We’ve Seen Recently

Heres some great examples of creative experiential marketing that surely defied any challenges the agencies may have faced to get her done *Big thumbs up emoji*  

1. Zappos’ “#paywithacupcake”

Trolling masterclass from Zappos with this one. A perfect example of reactive, creative experiential marketing. They struck with a flash, when they heard Google were doing something. Whilst Google promoted their ‘Photo App’, Zappos set up right next to them. Knowing that Google were giving away free cupcakes (so long as people engaged with their new app), Zappos erected a box with two slots. One, “Insert cupcake.” Two, “Be happier.” People were invited to hand cupcakes into the first hole (convenient that Google were giving them away, huh?), with a better gift coming out of the second hole. Talk about stealing someone’s thunder. Zappos did this spectacularly. No one was going to be talking about Google with this one. They spotted an opportunity and struck to maximum affect. A truly brilliant case of creative experiential marketing. The purest idea of reactive marketing, and done so engaging with a suitable audience. Noice.  

Coca-Cola’s “Unlock The 007 In You”

A hands-on, heart-racing stunt from Duval Guillaume based in Belgium next up. Challenging the general public to “unlock” their inner 007, they provided the carrot of two free tickets to the screening on the 2012 ‘007’ movie, Skyfall. By typing their name into the vending machine, the participants agreed to engage with the experiential stunt. The mission? Get to ‘Platform 6’ in under 70 seconds. Easy, right? Not so much. Duval Guillaume decided to up the tension by adding classic hurdles along the way (window pane, attractive lady, pile of boxes, etc.), with brilliant results. Very smart and creative experiential marketing from Duval Guillaume. It lets people know theres a movie premiering, and it drives home the elements of what makes James Bond, well, ‘James Bond.’  

National Geographic’s ‘Augmented Reality’

National Geographic prides itself on bringing people to the coalface of our world. So how best to translate that in a shopping centre? During a busy shopping day? Where no one would get killed? And which would help immerse passers-by in aspects of world experience national Geographic have become known to show the world? Nowadays, that conundrum can be solved with augmented reality. This stunt was crafty, creative experiential marketing which utilised modern technology to full effect. Transporting the wildest, most extinct and wonderous animals and situations into a humdrum shopping mall, agency ‘Appshaker’ really showed the value of National Geographic to the general public. For more great examples of creative experiential marketing, check out our blog. Maybe you have a great idea for an experiential you’d like to see come to life? We can help you… Get in contact today for a consultation. We can help elevate businesses and grow your reach