A good, creative marketing agency knows how to grab the attention of it’s target market and hold it. Heres some of the best example of work from a smart, creative marketing agency.

Happy Christmas!

Heres a mini Christmas gift for y’all. Take a look at some of the best Christmas examples from the kind of creative marketing agency we like!

1. HotelTonight’s “Visit, Don’t Stay”: A Creative Marketing Agency’s Ideal Campaign

We all love Christmas and spending time with our loved ones. The two go hand in hand (the food and alcohol can help this admittedly). But theres always an aggrieved Great Uncle, or a socially redundant cousin we hate engaging with. You know the kind. And so, it seems, does HotelTonight. Playing off of the understood assumption that every family has it’s ‘challenging’ members, it invites us to ‘Visit, but don’t stay.’ And why would you, when they have so many comfortable, adequate hotel rooms on offer? Played out across their social media channels, it is a droll take on how we view the holidays. They encouraged people to get involved with the campaign, by sharing their family horror stories online, for a chance to win prizes. Plus, they started the hashtag #HotelTonight for a place to share on Twitter. Going down the irreverent route makes the brand stand out from it’s competitors. It lets us know that they really do understand ‘family.’ A fine showing from a creative marketing agency which families can empathise with! Writers Note: Personally, my family is perfect. Also, my Mother reads these (Hi Ann, love ya!)  

2. H & M’s “Come Together”

Wes Anderson. That should be enough for you, but I’ll divulge. The master of symmetry (read: obsessive compulsive… yet undeniably beautiful), has teamed up with H & M for their 2016 Christmas campaign. It is an advert, yet it’s also a mini masterpiece. Adrien Brody stars as the train conductor who, along with his passengers, is missing Christmas. He resolves to make sure that everyone on board gets to feel Christmas cheer. Its weighted just right. It was the first ad this year where I thought, “Oh… Christmas…” We are exposed to subtle, appropriate showings of H & M’s winter catalogue and we feel merry. Success for any creative marketing agency.  

3. Allegro “I Learn English”

So John Lewis went down the humorous route. Fine. Honestly, its fine. I mean I didn’t want to have a whimpy cry to myself whilst covered in ‘Celebrations’ wrappers. Turns out I was wrong. Cheers, Aleggro. The online auction site hits us right in the feels, this one. It has it all; A lonely old man trying to better his lonely situation, a dog, a reunion, a first emotional meeting, family… I am deceased (as the saying goes). I mean, look at the above image. Thats the first thing we see. You just know we haven’t got a hope with this one (*insert sad emoji here*). A triumph in ‘sadvertising’ by the creative marketing agency.                

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