The properly user-friendly, creative web design Ireland reacts well to, changes year on year. When a browser views a website, their opinion is shaped by a number of factors. Its no lie when we say that we judge a site based on what we discern as ‘tasteful’, ‘modern’ or ‘sleek’. There are a few undeniable factors that determine this. Constant changes to navigation, display and ease-of-access dictates exactly what, how and why a website looks fashionable, or trending. Here are some of the buzz words for creative web design Ireland’s browsers will react to.

The Creative Web Design Ireland Will Prefer: Minimalism

It becomes more apparent year after year; minimalism works. Clean, crisp pages with little clutter appeal most to the eyes. It reveals a tasteful touch on the part of the web designer. When a site is easy to navigate through, and its peppered judiciously with select images, it can look truly arresting. Its definitely best practise for ensuring a responsive web design, something like what we created for is easily achievable for any website built using a WordPress CMS. Its an understood practise that minimalism is going nowhere and if anything, websites and landing/splash-pages are becoming more and more pared back and clean. So long as it’s tasteful, restrained and mobile-optimised. The use of ‘Flat Design’ is the perfect example of minimal design. And now that we have ‘Flat Design 2.0’, sites are absolutely becoming more beautifully sleek and clean. No added effects, reliance on strong typography, the smallest number of elements included and the use of striking block-colours truly defines Flat Design, which in turn defines minimalism. So start thinking about going minimal with your site like this website. It really is the kind of creative web design Ireland’s internet users will appreciate when browsing. And thats the kind of user experience you want on your site.


People absolutely judge a site on it’s choice of typography. Choose something outdated? Or something that jars with the overall display of the website? Yeah, you’ve lost already. Theres no excuse for not using adequate font on your site, as there are many sites like google fonts that can afford you so many options. All it takes is a keen eye to know what appeals most to browsers today. Research other sites that look good to you. Understand why exactly it looks good and why it works. Especially when considering that using minimal templates like Flat Design 2.0, where font type is such a crucial to the overall aesthetic. When you get all the elements right, it results in creative web design Ireland’s browsers would love. Fonts that would be considered old and dated can no longer cut it on websites that rely so heavily on them. Against the muted, restrained website layouts of 2017 and beyond, fonts need to be fresh and pop a lot more.   If you want to make a splash online, you need to produce creative web design Ireland’s internet users will properly engage with, to ensure sales conversion. Any marketing campaigns or initiatives you engage in will be for naught if they lead to a site that looks dated. Because that would be a wasted opportunity for sure.