Creative web design is an essential part of any modern organisations strategy to attract online customer traffic and convert sales.  Gone is the time that organisations only have a bricks and mortar business or simple dynamic website…now they need to have a creative website that captures online traffic and more importantly converts users.  When undertaking a new web design project, businesses must always remember the fine line between creative aesthetics and technically efficient and function elements that work. As a creative web design agency, the design needs to present the information in a dynamic and informative way that is also visually stylish to convey the organisations branding.  The first step of any new redesign starts with planning – aka wireframes. We work hard to effectively plan and optimise the website content so that your most important content is always displayed at the forefront of your site.  Utilising responsive designs a creative website must always command record speed load times as this will both impact how the user engages with your content and also how Google will rank your website. To take a look back on our web design predictions for 2017, make sure to check out this post. Professional websites have a logical design order that should make navigation very easy, combined with strong visual branding that is immediately impressive to your specific target market.  Today there are lots of cheap and affordable ways to build a website – there’s also a lot of restaurants you can buy a steak. With affordability there is always a tradeoff in quality – if we’re looking for a quick bite to eat then yes we would be more price sensitive. But your website is your store front – invariably this is the first time a new consumer or client will come across your brand. In such a competitive landscape, to compromise design for a cheaper price makes no sense in the long term strategy for your business!