This digital agency has been on high alert, following the further release of the John Lewis teaser trailers. They arrive in advance of their full-length, Christmas 2016 offering. The John Lewis Chirmbo Ad is always a big deal in advertising. And this digital agency has spoken about how Christmas advertising this side of the world is akin to America’s spend on Superbowl advertising. You can check that blog out here: Christmas Advertising: Is It The UK’s Superbowl?   Well, the juggernaut rolls on again this year, with John Lewis’ latest. As we all know by now, yes; IT HAS A DOGGIE!  YAY! And a cute one at that! Dogs sell. Simple.  

Digital Agency News: Man On The Moon Offering “A Bit Sad.”

Speaking about their decision to ease off of the melancholy from last year’s “Man on The Moon” offering, their head of brand marketing, Rachel Swift, said “We still had a great response […] but there were a few murmurings about it being a bit sad and did it touch people in slightly the wrong way? So we’ve been really thinking about that. When pressed about the ROI for such a costly venture each year, she said, “We don’t just do it for the sake of it, we do it because it actually gives a return to the partnership and makes it more profitable. It has become part of our handwriting as a brand. It’s about storytelling through music and emotion. The sentiment behind that hasn’t changed – and that is quite intentional. The strategy behind our campaigns is always about thoughtful gifting.” And so it was, that heads began to turn towards a curious Twitter account earlier this week, which initially released a ten second video of a dog. The dog is simply watching a little girl bouncing on a space-hopper (Space-hoppers are brilliant, to be fair). The hashtag: #bouncebounce appeared on screen at the end of the unexplained video. What got people really interested was the font used. It absolutely, undeniably is the John Lewis font which we’ve come to recognise from them. The whole thing is predicted to drop Friday morning. So, we’re sold already (Our resident office dog, Chewy, is also in agreement), and we’re ‘hopping’ to see the finished product (Sorry, but Christmas gets us excited in this digital agency office!) Check out the three teaser trailers released so far, below:

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