In 2017, the digital marketing agency Ireland’s hungry businesses will need to utilise, is the one that is in tune with ‘Mobile.’ Mobile optimisation is so important for a brand or businesses’ online presence. When starting out designing a website platform for your brand, you need to ensure it’s usability on mobile devices. Smart web design is therefore highly important first and foremost. Because without mobile optimisation, you’re alienating so many potential customers. But it doesn’t stop there. The kind of digital marketing agency Ireland’s fore-thinking businesses need, is the one that will also consider the use of the consumer’s micro-moments. Those little engagements with their mobile device. Their mobile site visit. Or the continuous social media scroll. Listening to their favourite music. Checking in. Researching nearby services. Its endless. I mean, lets really think about it; how many times throughout your day are you checking something on your device? Take a guess… Ten? Twenty? Well, according to a report recently published by Google’s content marketing team ‘Think With Google’, its a whole lot more than that.  Try 150 times per day. Thats a lot,in case you were unsure. These are called ‘micro moments’. Those fleeting times a potential consumer can be reached digitally. Brands and businesses need to start waking up to their endless possibilities.  

The Digital Marketing Agency Ireland Needs Understands ‘Micro Moments.’

There are certain elements to successfully harnessing these micro moments. The digital marketing agency Ireland’s businesses need, know that they are broken down thusly: Be There, Be Useful (releveant/appropriately enaging) and Be Quick.  

Be There

Its important to preempt a potential consumer’s engagement with their device. You’ve got to know when to ‘Be there’, really. If you are in a proper position to engage with the consumer at the right time, you are in a very strong position to convert. According to the ‘Think With Google’ report, “90% of smartphone users are not absolutely certain of the specific brand they want to buy when they begin looking for information online”. Knowing that should give heart to the small to mid-sized businesses that are vying for a potential customer’s attention. It goes onto say that “1 in 3 smartphone users has purchased from a company or brand other than the one they intended to because of information provided in the moment they needed it.” That pocket of time is so important. If your businesses ad is launched onto the right consumer within a more calculated, curate time and location, it can absolutely convert for you. These be there moments are broken down into four iterations: I-Want-To-Know Moments, I-Want-To-Go Moments, I-Want-To-Do-Moments and I-Want-To-Buy-Moments.  

Be Useful

So, there you are, with the consumers attention. DON’T WASTE IT. If you bring them to a site that isn’t mobile optimised, it will all have been for naught. They need to be guided to a platform that is easy to navigate and which only supplies relevant, concise information to them. So navigation speed and ease of use is a necessity, on top of helping the consumer inform their choice as “70% of consumers say that regularly getting useful information from an advertiser is the most important attribute when selecting a brand.” See below the example of how Argos transitioned into digital so effectively: This is highly targeted, location based advertising, which is so effective to grab consumers within their micro moments. The sort of digital marketing agency Ireland’s businesses need to gain from this kind of targeting, knows how and why this works.  

Be Quick

Today, people make decisions quicker than they ever have before. This is solely down to having endless information at their fingertips to help inform their choices. So a businesses’ proposition has to be very quick within these Micro Moments. The consumer will exit your platform if they can’t find their desired information quickly, or if its too slow once in operation. The most popular apps or websites in use today, require only one to three clickthroughs for the consumer o complete a transaction. In other words, consumers will only actively engage with a business, if it is quick and straightforward. Netflix in a prime example of ease of use which is quick. You are signed up and watching your favourite rom-com in the smallest length of time and smallest number of clicks. The kind of digital marketing agency Ireland’s brands and businesses need, is the one that understands micro moments and who can manipulate them best for their clients.          

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