The Secret to success today in the digital world has gone beyond the task of just marketing. Rather it has now become a multi-channel strategy. Email marketing and social media are working together to achieve equal results for you and your company. Integrating together will help expand your audience.  

Share Your Social Networks

When promoting your company through a newsletter make sure you are promoting it through your social networks as well. This can be done by creating a template for your email marketing campaign. Embedded icons will be featured every time a newsletter is send to a subscriber. It is also important to post this newsletter on your company’s social network pages. The more channels used the likelihood it will reach a wider audience.

Readers Sharing Your Newsletter

Once you have promoted your newsletter through email marketing and your company’s social networks, now let the readers share it on their social networks. Using sharing tools in your newsletter will allow readers to share articles on their own social networks. The benefit will provide another measurement of activity available to you. Even if the readers use their own software instead of the share feature. This will remind them the newsletter is available to share.

New Email Marketing Subscribers

Now that you have reached beyond the inbox. Give yourself the chance to reach new readers who have viewed your social network pages. Always make sure you insert the option to subscribe into your newsletter to help convert new subscribers. Make sure you have a good opt in form so people can subscribe to your newsletter. Its is  important to feature it on your website along with your social networks. Reaping the benefits of email marketing and sharing content on your social networks can have such a positive effect on your company.