It’s safe to say that there is a genuine question in relation to the future of email marketing particularly in the coming years, the time and investment a company puts into their campaigns will determine if it is still a viable way of attracting new clients.

Changes In Email Marketing

In the last number of years there has been a change where the traditional email service providers has begun to explore new territories such has mergers, new platform interfaces and re branding has marketing clouds. As for email marketing it is a case of trying to advance and finding a way to put an email into context through other channels and making sure the platform allows you to do it. Email marketing traditionally falls under the umbrella of a digital marketing strategy. This profession is and has changed with email marketers now entering the field with more knowledge and a strong marketing strategy. The value of email marketing is recognized by companies and ranks highly on a return on investment.

Today a person can be anywhere when checking their email and on a number of different devices whether it’s on a phone, laptop or tablet. Email marketers have the capability and capacity to use email to get personal based on the data of the subscribers. The ability so send out targeted campaigns using content based on business, gender and location. It is up to the email marketer everywhere to make contact with potential clients as a worthwhile interaction that will add value and drive results.

We are now in an era of email marketing where technology enables us to have reliable contact between many people and business’. Email Marketers will need to embrace new technologies allowing them to create a consumer experience. Though it is impossible to predict the future, email marketing will surely be part of it.