Emotional advertising…Why it works.

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If you didn’t shed a tear watching the new Extra ads “The Story of Sarah and Juan” and “Origami” then we’re going to question whether or not you’re a human being with actual emotions. These Extra ads are the latest in a long range of powerful ads which prove that emotional advertising just works. Extra ‘Origami‘ advert. When you think of emotional advertising you think of John Lewis, Coca Cola and even Nike. There’s a reason why they use it and that’s because it just works. John Lewis and “Monty the Penguin” caught the hearts of everyone who watched it and there’s specific reason why, and no it’s not just a catchy acoustic tune (though it helps). Emotional advertising at it’s best with ‘Monty the Penguin‘.

Why emotional advertising works.

Emotional advertising at it’s core, tells a story. A story that ‘you get’ and makes you feel like this brand ‘gets you’. These stories will often transcend the product itself and focus more on selling a feeling whether it’s happiness with Coca Cola or inspiration with Nike. Nike’s ‘Last‘ advert. Emotional advertising works because it doesn’t feel like advertising. It’s not pushing a product in your face and shouting “BUY NOW!”. You end up associating positive emotions with a brand and that’s exactly what they want. So next time you find yourself crying watching the “Origami” ad, don’t try stop it. That’s just emotional advertising doing it’s job.

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