So, the Euros have come and gone. More talking points than goals almost; Moths landing on expensive, injured faces… Vikings clapping themselves into Europe’s consciousness… Brady ensuring he’ll never buy another pint so long as he lives… English rioters… trained Russian army rioters… the Irish fans being the darlings of the French (and everyone else)… WILL GRIGG’S ON FIRE… Payet, Griezmann, Pepe, Bale… It certainly has been an eventful one. So who did it right? Who made use of the tournament best? Which guerilla marketing campaigns were most effective? And which of the many brilliant examples of guerilla marketing Ireland based companies can learn from studying? Because not only do we here at Rogue love guerilla marketing Ireland as a whole does! And here we take a look at the best the Euros had to offer… Get in my son!

Budweiser’s Free Pint? Guerrilla Marketing Ireland Deserves!

As they weren’t an official sponsor of the tournament, it was appropriate that Budweiser seized upon the trending fortunes of the Welsh National team. As Wales progressed far beyond everyone’s expectations, so too did people’s love affair with them. So, Bud intertwined their Euro time-tweet with their hashtag: “ThisBudsForYou”, and attaching a picture of a message in the Welsh language to the Welsh people, letting them know that a ‘free Bud’ awaited them, in celebration of Wales’ reaching the semi-finals. It included the caption “To the fans who always believed.” Effective guerilla marketing, coupled with the heft of a brand like Budweiser to actually pull off a promise like that, will always equal marketing success. That’s the kind of guerilla marketing Ireland as a country would welcome… I mean, a semi-final appearance and a beer? Pfft…guerilla marketing ireland

Paddy Power… The Original Guerilla Marketing Ireland Has Come To Know And Love

As always being known for cutting close to the bone with their engaging stunts, Paddy Power once again delivered at Euro time. Before the England V. Russia game, Paddy parked up a lorry outside the Russian embassy with a cartoon Jamie Vardy bandaged arm, with the caption translated into Russian: “Chat shit, get banged.” It helped enforced Paddy’s image as head-honcho shit-stirrer No. 1 and gained tons of coverage around Europe. Masters of guerilla marketing. And humorous stuff like this is guerilla marketing Ireland, in particular, would appreciate, just like us here at Rogue.guerilla marketing Ireland

Iceland Food

One of the undoubted success stories of the Euros 2016, was the Icelandic team. A team, who’s country population numbers 331,904 people, actually reaching the quarterfinals and beating England on the way is a huge event. The Iceland Food company involved themselves with the team from the start from a marketing point of view,  but it was their reactive marketing content that performed best. More specifically, this tweet about the English game: “Unexpected result in the bagging area.” This kind of timely interaction with their Twitter followers proved very successful for Iceland Food, with the tweet gaining over 30,000 retweets and enviable coverage. This kind of guerilla marketing Ireland

Guerilla Marketing Ireland


Having initially promised a huge marketing budget of over €80 million (including the costs of rights to be sole alcohol sponsor), Carlsberg adopted a successful, optimistic ‘If Carlsberg did substitutions’ campaign. The premise was substituting pessimism (of which their target-British audience has much of), with optimism. The results can be seen in the video content they produced for the Euros. The highlight guerilla marketing twist they employed was dressing Chris Kamara up as an old-age pensioner, who then put the public’s goodwill to the test, with tickets to matches as prizes for a lucky few.

guerilla marketing Ireland