Boo. Happy Hallowe’en Week from your favourite experiential marketing agency. For your ghoulish pleasure, we’ve compiled the best marketing campaigns that scared the frick out of us here at Rogue Creative! Read on, if you dare…

The Blair Witch Project

This film was a trailblazer. It documents the collective effort of three people trying to get to the bottom of the Maryland’s wood witch mystery. This particular ‘witch’ was blamed for multiple disappearances in the area (or so the filmmakers encouraged us to believe). ‘The Blair Witch Project’ both defined and mastered the genre of found-footage horror in one fell swoop. A truly scary experience for people who had never experienced anything like it before. I mean, a lot of people really bought into the whole idea of it being real. Reports soon began circling the screenings, saying that people were passing out from the intense nature of the film. It was big news. And a marketers dream. Filmed for $50,000, it was truly a shoe string budget. Likewise, the guerilla marketing carried out by the filmmakers was a lesson in genius simplicity. And so cost effective as well. They basically ran a microsite which outlined the details of the three filmmakers trip: The site feels like a voyeuristic, sensationalist thing; like its something that we shouldn’t be looking at. Kind of how a dirty little secret works. Because as we know, dirty little secrets spread like wildfire. And this one did. The Blair Witch Project is continually name dropped as a great example of marketing ingenuity. And any experiential marketing agency worth it’s salt knows the value of ingenuity in the marketing world. Those who can catch the general public unawares, or approach from more ‘left-of-field’ successfully, are truly a prescient experiential marketing agency.  

Burger King’s Black Burger Bun

For the Hallowe’en season, Burger King brought out a spook-tacular black bun burger for a limited period. Being such an aesthetically striking menu item, it guaranteed much coverage and attention. Providing the customer with a black, ‘A1’ flavoured sauce infused-bun, it resulted in a truly striking burger. Reports emerged soon after the campaign accusing the burgers of causing green ‘waste’, if you know what I mean, but other than that, it was a success…

AirBnB’s Transylvanian Escape

I’ve seen some pretty questionable listings on AirBnB in my time, but this one takes the proverbial biscuit ALL DAMN DAY. What makes it so crazy? Why, its only Dracula’s very own bloody castle! Thats right, AirBnB are running a competition for two very unlucky people to spend the night in the original castle in Transylvania that inspired Bram Stoker to put pen to paper. Because people are weird and silly. The winners are flown to Transylvania from anywhere in the world, and are given a full banquet in the dining hall, before retreating to their own personal coffins. COFFINS. Jeez. Great stunt by AirBnB. Marketing excellence. A coup that any good experiential marketing agency would appreciate.  

Right Up An Experiential Marketing Agency’s Alley: M & S Pop Up

Launched by the bewitching Joanna Lumley, Marks & Spencer’s launched their ‘Little Shwop Of Horror’s pop up shop in Marble Arch. It brilliantly engaged with the public’s conscience, as it encouraged people to donate their old clothes for shop entry and to avail of the spooky offers in-store. M & S ran the shop in conjunction with Oxfam, as they offered visitors Hallowe’en fancy dress and decorations in return for their unwanted clobber. The ingenious title of the shop was also their hashtag: #littleshwopofhorrors. This is the kind of experiential that gets people talking; celebrity heft and recognition, socially aware and reactive. A lesson for any experiential marketing agency

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