Big and engaging is the kind of experiential marketing Dublin’s inner city would work best with.   Its a beautiful, Georgian landscape to help frame whatever activation or stunt an agency can dream up for their clients. We have seen some examples of experiential marketing in Dublin city in the past, yet some haven’t really hit the mark. Whether its down to lack of ambition, time constraints, or planning difficulties, some haven’t hit the mark. Lets dissect some of the best that would’ve been great to see in Dublin city centre. Some that would’ve benefitted from Dublin’s natural beauty. Lets look at engaging experiential marketing Dublin’s city centre could see…

1. HBO: ‘Voyeur.’

This offering from BBDO was carried out in New York. Using clever projections, we are gained access to people’s private worlds. Their loves and hurts, and secrets. The kind of stuff that fuels a voyeur’s passion. The activation was projected onto the exterior surface of the most suitable New York building. It gives the illusion that we are seeing through the bricks and glass of the building, to the apartments inside. RSA’s Jake Scott directed and oversaw the whole operation. As we view it, we gain access to all these private moments. We feel ashamed, yet we can’t look away. The whole idea was to help compound the idea that the television company can pump the most intimate, private moments they can dream up onto our screens. And that they do it the best. I can pick any number of suitable buildings within Dublin’s inner city landscape, which could take such an idea. Its devilishly clever, and a great example of experiential marketing Dublin’s inner city area could accommodate.

2. Experiential Marketing Dublin Could Work With: TNT’s “Push To Add Drama.”

An experiential that has gone done in marketing folklore; the ‘red button’ activation. Dreamed up by Belgian agency Duval Guillaume, the premise is brilliantly planned, executed and considered. Its the big-red-danger, ‘do not push’ button that draws a person’s attention. Like the better social experiments, it challenges a member of the public (the test subjects). To see if one would be so bold as to push the button. To see what happens when they do. And when they do? Oh boy… Explosions. Motorbikes. Ambulances. High-speed chases. Guns. Fights. A scantily clad girl. American football players. Basically, a mad menagerie of action and ‘drama’ unfolding in front of the eyes of the people in this small square in a small, Belgian town. It’s such a simple, incredible idea. An activation that could be pulled off in an urban area, with careful, appropriate planning. The idea of the big red button is cool experiential marketing Dublin inner city could more than accommodate. Imagine all the melee happening down Dame Lane? Or just at Central Bank? It’d be appropriately class.

IKEA’s “I Want To Have A Sleepover In IKEA.”

Starting from a Facebook fan group page of the same name, the “I Want To Have A Sleepover In IKEA” idea saw it’s rollout in the company’s Essex store. Basically living out the awesome fantasy of spending overnight in an IKEA. Yep; because that’s a thing. Hosting a competition to whittle the 100,000 members of the group down to a lucky 100, IKEA then helped the lucky few to pick out their mattress. A brilliant activation, as it showed that IKEA listened to its customers. Even for something as simple and easy to pull off as a sleepover; it engenders warm, positive vibes towards the brand.

The whole thing would be easily pulled off in the store in Ballymun here in Ireland. It’s generous, giving back experiential marketing Dublin’s branch of the famous home store could host well.

Just a few examples for y’all…