The kind of experiential marketing Ireland’s consumers engage mostly with, is the kind that really ‘goes for it.’ That makes you think, and that makes a big statement at the same time. In some cases, the physically bigger, the better. How else to grab the public’s attention? The experiential marketing Ireland’s audiences have reacted best with in the past, have been those that filled all of this criteria. Big. Brash. Thought-provoking. Funny.   Here are two of the best examples of experiential marketing in more recent times.  

1. McDonalds’ #HelloGoodTimes

McDonalds rolled out a camper van-like ‘McVehicle’ (I’m McSorry) with a built in photo-booth technology. The McDonalds’ ‘Good Time Squad’ encouraged passers-by to engage with the van and it’s photo-booth, inviting them to “Make a Moment.” The person then enters the back of the van, where they pose in front of the photo-booth screen.  To help strike their most fun pose, they’re given ‘zany’ props. Finally they share their images on their social account. This makes them eligible for their printed photos and a free McFlurry, which is dispensed from the front of the van. An effectively cheap and delicious way of encouraging organic online growth and promoting word of mouth. The stunt engenders feel-good thought towards McDonalds also. And there was loads of McFlurry’s, so thats obviously nice. Little quirky experiential’s like this can cost someone like McDonalds little, yet yield favourable results for them. With this stunt McDonalds utilised smart experiential marketing Ireland’s consumers would really engage with and buzz off.  

2. Funny Experiential Marketing Ireland Would Love To See Here:

Sausage Party’s ‘Talking Groceries’…

The marketing possibilities with a movie like Sausage Party is endless. And Sony, with their crude, brash, yet hilarious flick starring the voices of Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill (to name a few), really hit the nail on the head with this stunt. Because who doesn’t love a good fright? And who doesn’t buy groceries?! Using impressive robotic imitation foods with prosthetic mobile mouths and eyes, star Seth Rogen scares and converses with unsuspecting shoppers. And in doing so, they freak them out so good! Shouting crude and offensive things in defense of the food around the prosthetic, Seth engages with the public via speaker near the ‘food.’ It is fully on brief with the film and involves the general public. Its also great content for social for sony pictures’ online presence. Overall a great example of experiential marketing Ireland’s grocery shoppers would love to see! The use of Rogen’s unforgettable garbled husk really adds value to the stunt. So it really is a thumbs up for Sony.