In some of our previous blogs, we talked about how important advertising has become – Christmas advertising , Native advertising and Emotional advertising to name a few. We talked about how much money certain firms were investing in their Christmas ads in particular.. but is it worth it? Yes, we agree it can be pivotal in any marketing campaign but how effective is it in comparison to other, perhaps less expensive, communication tools? Here at Rogue, we’re all for creativity and one marketing technique that is most certainly creative is, Experiential Marketing. The sole purpose of communication campaigns is to create awareness but with advertising it can often go unnoticed. The idea of Experiential Marketing diminishes the likelihood of that occurring by involving the consumers in the actual campaign. We’ve picked out 3 top examples of experiential marketing just to show you what we mean:

1. British Airways at Victoria Station in London.

One of the main train stations in England, Victoria Station was home to one of the most memorable experiential marketing campaigns. Thousands of passengers waiting around to catch their train were part of this feel good campaign. Have a look at what British Airways did, it’s sure to “whisk you away” (quite literally if you were lucky!!).

2. Coca Cola’s Happiness Campaign

As part of Coca Cola’s happiness campaign in Korea, they utilised their already globally recognised vending machines… this time with a twist. We loved the idea but couldn’t help but wonder if it would work just as well in Ireland. Check it out!

3. Heineken’s World Cup Campaign.

Heineken were second to none this year with their campaigns for this years Rugby World Cup. Their customers strolled into Tesco on what they thought was an ordinary Sunday… Little did they know they would have the chance to leave with a little something more than they originally bargained for. Having watched those three examples, I think you can see where we’re coming from – it’s all about thinking outside the box. A successful marketing campaign will live long in the minds of the consumers. What better way to ensure this than to make them the main part of it.