So, The female Ghostbuster thing happened. And the world didn’t implode… Funny that (And it actually was). We were big fans of the film here in Rogue, but what we loved even more about the whole thing? Their ingenious experiential installation in Waterloo Station in London. You might have seen pic’s floating around the internet if you didn’t actually get to experience it first hand. For it, the big ‘Stay Puft’ guy appearing to climb out of a huge crack in the station’s floor, wicked grin fixed on his face. Conceived, assembled and installed in under five hours by the guys over at ‘Wild Creations’, the piece gained instant coverage around the world. It was a brilliant instance of experiential, guerilla marketing Ireland’s movie-goer’s would love.  

‘Ghostbuster’ Guerilla Marketing Ireland Would’ve Seen From Us…

We would have loved to conceived a similar experiential, guerilla style approach to our marketing of the film. Sony Pictures Ireland brilliantly utilised TV3 for their campaign here, where they gave away a holiday as a prize relating to haunted locations around Ireland. It was a great tool to utilise familiarity with the movie’s launch nationwide. We also would’ve loved to have installed neon ‘slime’ colour projectors that send that putrid colour into the sky, and position them at/on/near these notoriously haunted spots. It would mirror that iconic scene in Ghostbusters where that whole building was taken over by pure evil. Like the ‘Stafy Puft’ man installation, it would reinforce the nostalgic side of the franchise, which people still clearly love and identify with. This was the reasoning behind the ‘Stay Puft’ experiential; to deflect any negative connotations attached to the reboot, by reminding everyone of why they loved it so much in the first place (because I presume they asked Bill Murray to stand in Waterloo for two days, and he was obviously busy).  

Ghostbusters: A Rich, Iconic Franchise To Dip Into.

So many facets of Ghostbusters’ imagery and aesthetic can be drawn from to create thoughtful marketing. And there are so many potential avenues to go down for guerilla marketing Ireland would react positively to. The familiarity is there with consumers; its just a case of capturing their imagination knowing this fact. Another example of cool, experiential guerilla marketing Ireland’s Ghostbuster fans might have enjoyed would’ve been leaving mock ‘Muon’ or Ghost Traps around populated area of Dublin city, near a clean wall space.. They could potentially open every twenty minutes and project a green ghost light entity onto the wall. This entity would’ve been a projection of the Ghostbusters’ logo and the release date, along with a QR code linking to social. It’d be reminiscent of the ‘catching’ of ghosts in the movie. Undoubtedly, it would’ve caught the attention of the general public. Overall, the campaign from Sony was a skilled exercise in Experiential and Guerilla marketing, in both London and Dublin.