Here at Rogue, we have gotten enough of this heat. I mean, its fine and its lovely, and everyone looks more attractive with a bit of sun shining on them; but NOT IN AN OFFICE. So, we decided to do something about it. There’s nothing like a bit of effective web design Ireland reacts better too. And in a flash of heat-stroke/genius, we have produced a cool microsite. A call to arms for the sweaty, hard-working people of this country. Its web design Ireland needs to have this week, which will include the hottest day of the year… That alone is reason enough for an idea like this!… A Glorious Act Of Web Design Ireland Deserves!

We’re really excited about this. Basically, is a live petition calling on our Taoiseach, Enda Kenny to enact a day off work for all the people of Ireland. That is if we gain 7,500 signature and the temperature reaches over 24 degrees Celsius. Included on the site is a tongue-in-cheek letter addressed solely to Enda outlining why we deserve this work-free day, and a petition for supporters to sign. It also hosts a live, active temperature gauge to determine when it hits the required 24 degrees. Its a good example of a microsite, as it sets out a clear, singular idea, for maximum effect. Its also of high quality. And its a pretty sweet, idea, huh? Imagine it worked.


web design ireland

We had a serious amount of fun making this up. It took no time at all and can potentially grow legs in a viral sensation. I mean, who doesn’t want to talk about/experience sunny days? No one. That’s who! Something like this is trending, it gets people talking   The petition includes the usual fields to fill out, such as ‘name’, ‘e-mail’, and a ‘why this petition is important to you’ field. It looks and feels legit, but holds that very ‘Rogue’ tongue-in-cheek humour that defines who we are. We’re untraditional and believe in doing things differently. And if it results in Mr. Kenny actually giving us a day off? Flippin’ result, mate!

Rogue: We’re Specialists In ‘Web Design’ Ireland (And Hopefully Free Days Off Work)!

We specialise in off-kilter, outside-the box-kinda web design Ireland should start waking up to. I mean, this is just a little taster of the kind of fun stuff we’re able to do, and are capable of doing. is a tight, clean design, with user-interactive capability, making it an immersive experience for the user who clicks on. And with the subject matter it deals with, the click-ability is really high. You want web design Ireland and her potential clients pay attention to? Yep, we got you.