Over the past few years Google have always made some pretty big announcements in the spring, and they usually centre around mobile devices – 3 years ago, we had the announcement of ‘Enhanced Campaigns’, which removed the old ‘best practices’ of creating 2 separate campaigns – one for mobile and one for desktop. Every year Google announces new mobile ad types and features – and guess what, this year is no different! Specialising in Google Adwords in Ireland is highly competitive and as such, Rogue Creative need to stay ahead of the trend. Check out some of Google’s latest updates below and see how you can take advantage too.

Using Google Adwords In Ireland – It’s A No Brainer

  • Google search and advertising platforms have generated over $165 billion for over one million businesses, bloggers and charities across the USA alone in 2015. Although the figures may be smaller, the success of Goggle Adwords in Ireland is no different.
  • Google now have trillions of searches on Google.com and over 50% of the searches are coming via smartphones – just another reason to have your website mobile optimised.
  • Almost 1 in 3 mobile searches on Google use a location based search term. In fact, location-based searches are now reported to be growing 50% faster than all other mobile search queries. The search queries we use include ‘Google Adwords in Ireland’, ‘digital marketing Dublin’ & ‘web design Dublin.’
  • Having introduced Google store visits a little over 2 years ago, Google advertisers have recorded over 1 billion store visits globally – have you got a Google business page yet?

Google Adwords Update – Expanded Text Ads

Having previously removed the right-hand side (RHS) ads earlier in the year to bring search results more consistent across all devices, Google have now introduced another big change. Senior Vice President of Google Ads stated: “To help marketers succeed in this mobile-first world, we have redesigned AdWords — from the ground-up — and re-thought everything from creatives and bidding, to workflow and measurement.” Google have introduced a new type of ad, the ‘Expanded Text Ad.’ The goal is to provide a lot more ad space allowing advertisers to display more information about their products and services before a users makes a click.” The key changes for ‘Expanded Text Ads’ include larger, more prominent headlines (two 30-character headlines), a longer description line and the relevant display URL, that will include a customised URL path. Early testing of ‘Expanded Text Ads’ show an increase in CTR’s (clickthrough rates) of up to 20%.

Responsive Ads

A second feature announced comes in the way of display advertising – by creating responsive display ads, advertisers will have the opportunity to create native ads that match the look and feel of content users are browsing.

Bidding Changes

Over the coming months, Google will allow advertisers to finally set unique and individual bids for each devices type – mobile, tablet & desktop. As a result users will have the ability to create a base keyword bid for the devices most valuable to your potential customers, allowing you to then create bid adjustments for other devices. How does this impact Google Adwords in Ireland? Well, if you know the majority of your traffic comes via mobile, you now have the opportunity to set a base keyword bid for Google ads displayed on mobile devices and then subsequently add lower/higher bids for your other ads displayed on devices that drive less traffic – although they may not be your main channel of acquisition, it is great new addition to advertise across all devices at different costs.

Location Is Now

Personally I feel that this is the most exciting announcement for advertisers, especially high street businesses such as shops, restaurants & cafes who utilising Google Adwords in Ireland. Google will be introducing search ads across Google.com & Google Maps allowing advertisers to showcase their business location when a user searched for specific keywords. Google are also testing a variety of different ad formats that will allows businesses to be found via Google maps. e.g. if someone is driving down the road, Google Maps will start to show drivers ‘promoted pins’ for local restaurants, coffee shops etc.

How Will These Changes Affect Me?

In one word? MOBILE. As all of the statistics above suggest, Google are not waiting around to see what the future holds for technology and mobile devices. Mobile is now, and advertisers need to take advantage of the changes being introduced – from mobile optimised websites to  Adwords tailored for mobile users, we need to always have mobile in mind. Allowing advertisers to create a variety of different bids for mobile, tablet & desktop means we can now choose which channel we want to focus our efforts on the most and now more than ever we need to invest more time in our location based keyword analysis as Maps & Goggle Business pages are going to play a far greater role during a consumers search journey. Feel free to check out the video below with the full Google announcement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JW1LS94wLJw