Who knew car insurance companies were willing to utilise guerrilla marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness? Well, GPI Holdings  launched a campaign back in 2015 that highlighted the fact that air pollution is an ongoing, real problem in Georgia. GPI Holdings wanted to encourage drivers to get their cars serviced, think about the environment and practice eco-friendly driving.


Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

What better way to highlight this issue than to create a fake law enforcement agency that penalised drivers for uneconomical cars. Partnering up with government officials the company spread rumours that the government would begin to tax the air you breath! This concept is not completely original with Three also launching a quirky campaign that compares mobile phone usage with the air we breath only 1 month previous to this guerrilla stunt.

Quirky Tv Advertising

Was it successful? Well, this guerrilla marketing campaign made national tv with news stations across the country getting on board, making this campaign even more believable. In total, the brand received over 150 media appearances, sixty five thousand page visits and a whopping 400% increase in sales. Does guerrilla marketing work? Well, if I was to run a campaign that resulted in 25% new customers, I would start to believe!