Today’s Youth Are Tomorrow’s Old People – Youth Marketing is important!


Over the last few years, marketers worldwide have been relentlessly devoting infinite amounts of resources to targeting the often unpredictable and elusive millennial. But are us highly sort after millennials really that unpredictable or does it just take one to know one?


“Millennials get treated like some sort of hyperactive group of wild gorillas: powerful, unpredictable and difficult to pin down. The reality is quite different and simple”


Thomas Sychterz, CEO of LaunchLeap, a consumer research start-up surveyed a group of 18 – 35 year olds on their preferences regarding their internet and advertising consumption with regards to youth marketing.


“Millennials are open to connecting with brands, drawn to bite sized content (paid or not) and intrigued by new information, product wise. However, the main caveat is that it all needs to get done in an ergonomic, digestible and fluid manner.”


The findings were:


Most Millennials frequent 4-5 online platforms a day.

I’m probably on 3, So I would have to agree with this stat. With your snap that’s and you insta what’s, not to mention the old faithful’s such as facebook or twitter. Both worrying and exciting at the same time, you now have at least 4 millennial watering holes to engage and entertain us with some sensational platform-specific content.


Millennials aren’t as call phobic as thought and don’t mind answering telemarketing calls.

Think I would have to disagree with this one, I screen calls like a ninja. I literally have the Sky call centre in Cork saved as Don’t Answer.


Millennials respond strongly to TV Ads.

I certainly do anyway… These days TV is just background noise to whatever I’m doing on my laptop. This if anything makes TV ads more effective as I’m in prime position for some follow up googling.


Millennials value internet reviews more than advice from friends and family.

This is probably true although not completely. Recently I needed to buy a new mattress, and needless to say, I’ve never invested money or time into a mattress prior to this. I initially took to google but in a sea of adequately plagiarised product descriptions and some piss poor product photography, I really was none the wiser. One or two probably sponsored blog posts on the best mattresses to buy and I was even more confused. After hours of googling mattresses, I was none the wiser and still hadn’t made a decision. I considered asking friends but being at the same life stage they too would have limited knowledge of the mattress game. Google had failed me, so I turned to the one man I knew had extensive experience in long-term life purchases, my Dad. A quick call and my decision were confirmed. (For those of you wondering I went with a Sealy)

I feel millennials will go where ever is quickest and most likely to give the best results. Google will be the first port of call predominantly due to its convenience and variety of sources. Once this has been exhausted we will look to the next relevant person in our opinion.


Millennials just aren’t into YouTube Pre-rolls

This is indeed correct. For me personally, pressing that skip ad button is like a reflex test. I can’t remember the last pre-roll that I willingly watched but whatever it was it must have got my attention fast enough.


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