Its all about mixed reality apps now guys. Keep up, ok? Seriously. The newest horizon breached by the wunderkids at Magic Leap, Microsoft, Dell et al is an exciting one that will incorporate virtual and augmented reality. So who’s making the software? Who’s producing the future apps for this technology? Who’s gonna make our mixed reality apps? Lets take a look…  


This French company have been working with Microsoft since the days of the ill-fated Kinect. Asobo produced their lukewarm Kinect ‘Rush’ game. The Kinect gently whittled itself away into the night after a poor performance. But the work they done for that project didn’t go unnoticed and were again under Microsoft’s employ for the HoloLens. Mixed reality apps will invariably be a mixture of augmented and virtual reality. Speaking to, Asobo co-founder David Dedeine said “”VR is really a more classic video game thing, but super immersive,” he says. “At the end of the day it stays a virtual world, whereas AR is really different. The real world needs to be central to the experience, and because of that I think they are actually very different. People compare VR to AR most of the time, maybe because the devices look a bit the same. Really, they aren’t at all.” Asobo want to push the boat out in terms of capabilities of the hardware. They don’t want to cow-tow with the idea of teasing out ideas upon mixed reality. Simple, obvious apps like like virtual chess would be a no-no: “Lots of people will do that,” says Dedeine. “It was too easy.” Asobo will be in close partnership with the seattle based Loook Industries:  

Loook: Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Apps In Seattle.

Sébastien Motte and John Howard’s ‘Loook’ Industrues aims to use Microsoft’s HoloLens for future mixed reality apps. Howard has previously occupied the role of cretive director of HoloLens when dealing with brands like Trimble, Nasa and Autodesk. So he and Motte are well placed to maximise the product’s abilities to deliver enthralling, responsible apps for consumers. According to Motte over on VentureBeat, “We want to create empathy, connect people, and protect the planet,” Motte said. “We are talking with cleantech and green companies to see how we can help them visualize in 3D what they do.” In regards to other information about their mixed reality apps so far, we don’t know much. We here are twiddling our thumbs in actual reality, dreaming of a ‘mixed’ one.