When talking about mixed reality Ireland is a relative newcomer. I can safely speak for this whole island when I say that we need a mixed reality Ireland! And now! I want to be inside a pub drinking a pint of stout (so twee, forgive me) and look over and see a dragon on the mantle piece. Or potentially (if the CapitolaVR video below is anything to go by) watch a Squirtle waddle off to the lavatory.


Mixed Reality Ireland’s Release Dates

In short, Microsoft needs to announce European release dates for the HoloLens. So far, only Northern America and Canada have been given confirmation of availability. You can pre-order them in those territories now for the stately sum of $3,000. Yep… $3,000. But really, who can put a price on mixed reality fun? They’re going to become available in March of next year. Microsoft announced this news for America and Canada over on their blog post, yet failed to mention any other regions. Boo, Microsoft. You can forget about Magic Leap’s effort too; thats still a bit away from seeing the light of day, never mind making it to these green shores.  

Ireland Must Make Do With Good Ol’ VR For Now

So for now, Ireland must make do with regular, boring old VR Headsets courtesy of companies like Oculus and the Samsung Gear VR (€249.99). The Oculus Rift VR Headset is the headset to watch out for in this regard. Its of a much higher spec than the Samsung Gear (of which it powers anyway) and will enable you to much more immersed in the offered reality. It will be the first real honest high-powered headset to become readily available in Ireland. Though nowhere near as high-end as the the HoloLens or the predicted Magic Leap offering, it is still the most powerful for the Irish market right now. It is impressive, as it boasts 90 Hz per-eye displays, 360 degree positional tracking, built-in audio, high resolution, and 360 degree tracking. But its just nowhere near what we will come to expect from the likes of Magic Leap and Microsoft. The kind of good, mixed reality Ireland will soon see, will be beyond everything we have experienced so far. We will leave the use of wires behind, unlike the Oculus and others like it.   So, what we basically have for now is the emergence of good virtual reality, but still not the mixed reality Ireland craves. We must wait and see with bated breath; and deep pockets.