Did you know Facebook is king of video digital marketing Ireland?! No? Well, you should. You should all know better by now, and should all be ashamed of yourselves collectively as a country… Because it’s BIG. It’s bigger than any other video-sharing platform out there at the minute. And that is a very impressive stat when you consider the likes of Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. This all comes to light from a recent report compiled by the good people over at Mixpo.com. The report lays bare the landscape of Digital marketing today, and how publishers are reacting to consumer behaviour. The biggest takeaway from the report outlines how most publishers prefer Facebook for video digital marketing, with a whopping 50.2% of publishers running video campaigns on the site, through both paid and earned social media postings. Thats compared to a respectable but markedly smaller 31.1% on Youtube. The rest (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) all register an unhealthy 31.9% between them. Thats a big difference, and demonstrates the power and influence pf Facebook, as so many consumers today rely on it as their go-to info feed.  

Why Mobile Content Is Digital Marketing Ireland Needs To Get Familiar With

Mixpo has also outlined that 50% of publishers digital traffic is now through mobile, with consumers spending an incredible 25% of their time on smartphones. The report touches upon how publisher’s have had to adapt to the growing dominance of mobile devices in relation to media consumption. Mobile-centric content has proven to be the way forward, with these mobile-first experiences developed by publishers yielding better results. The move by consumers to mobile poses a unique challenge to publishers’ revenue in the long run, but overall they seem ready for the challenge. A recommendation by Mixpo suggests producing high-quality mobile-first ad formats. Just because the screen is diminishes, doesn’t mean quality should. The prevalence of mobile media is the kind of digital marketing Ireland needs to familiarise itself with. And considering that most of us view Facebook through our smartphones further proves the need to create mobile-first content for consumers.  

BUT, Facebook Is Digital Marketing Ireland Needs To Be Careful Of

Facebook has proven to giveth and yet taketh away. Being the show in town, it has required publishers to play ball with the platform. However, with user habits resulting in people merely leaving Facebook for a quick click and scroll of an article, before returning back to the Mothership of the ‘Book of Face’, areas to insert ads has become specialised and challenging for publishers. And any potentially earned traffic to the publisher’s site is halted, as the user more-often-than-not reverts back to Facebook. For the moment, the most viable working option appears to be successfully building up a relationship with users who interact with them on Facebook, and encouraging them to share their content. This reverts back to the need for high-quality content. Publishers need to produce content that users will want to share and engage with and talk about. And Facebook is still the place to earn that relationship. These relationships are the pillars of good digital marketing Ireland needs to start building soundly and sturdily.  

What Aspects Of Digital Marketing Ireland Needs To Worry About Overall?

The report closes with the collected results of publishers’ fears for the future of digital marketing. Interestingly, 50% are very concerned about the growing prominence of mobile consumption, compared with 48% very concerned about Ad Blocking. Well over 25% of publishers were also extremely concerned about the viewability of online content.