Have you searched through Google recently? Well if so you would have a noticed a change. Generally a search for products would pull up two or three pay per click ads with more along the right side of the screen. However this is no longer the case and now this has opened the door for eCommerce websites.

ECommerce Websites Face Tougher Competition

The paid ads results list remains the same, but over to the right side, there is a grid with the relevant products to the search you have performed. So for anyone planning a bit of online shopping, they may have passed a window with what they wanted on display. It is now an issue eCommerce websites will have to address if they are to make the most of this new product placement. We now have to understand how these products are appearing. The important thing is the keywords you bid for in your search, which tell Google what you’re selling. By double checking your current digital marketing practices you can take advantage of this change. The strategy for these paid ads is important if you want the products to appear during the search results. You must consider the many ways users search for the items that you’re selling. What keywords they might use to find these products. For instance to make sure the product you are selling is specific to the keywords in the search i.e. blue jumper. The ad space now appears to be growing that much smaller, with eCommerce websites required to pay more to secure their spot. Whatever you’re trying to find whether its space in this new product display list or the text ads in search results, it won’t be a surprise to see ad prices rise. The only defence for paid ads is make sure you have a strong strategy that removes competition.