Personalised packaging…is it the next big thing?

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Snickers have gone a step further and evolved their already brilliant “You’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign. Now we can buy a Snickers with a label of; grouchy or feisty and many more. These labels all tie in with the side effects some (not all) of us experience when we are hungry. We don’t all turn into super diva, Joan Collins when we’re hungry, but this is a smart way to play into people’s emotions when they are bordering on starvation. We all have friends and family who are complete eejits when they’re hungry, so why not pick them up a Snickers and let them know? On a side note we are not to blame for any injuries which are caused by you handing your Mother a Snickers bar with the word ‘loopy’ on it.

Snickers personalised packaging
Some of the 21 hunger symptoms included.

Snickers follow on, of course from the brilliantly successful “Share a coke” campaign from Coca-Cola. We all found ourselves buying (or snapping a picture of) a bottle of Coke for our friends if their name was lucky enough to be included on the personalised packaging. We all knew a ‘Conall’ or someone with a similar wacky, unusual name who was starved of having their name appear in that famous Coca-Cola font.

personalised packaging problems.
The popular name’s aren’t always the easiest to find.

Other brands have pitched in with their own unique ideas for personalising packaging. Take Heinz for example who allowed you to create a ‘get well soon’ tin of tomato or chicken soup and address it personally to Steve who is still getting over his serious case of man flu. TicTacs also allowed people to create personalised boxes of mixed flavours and you could then label the mix as your own. Brands, especially Coca-Cola and Snickers are personalising their packaging so that we can all have a story to tell about their brand. Like the time you actually found a ‘Conall’ bottle at the back of the fridges in Tesco. They are also getting people discussing their products online. How many of us took to Instagram to upload a picture of our name on a bottle of Coke? It seems like such an easy way to get people talking about your brand, but coming up with a genuine and interesting reason for personalising packaging is difficult. Some ideas we came up with; Your normal packet of Rolos with the name of your loved one around the last one. Cute, we know. Do people still give their last Rolo? Captain Morgans can be mixed with a multitude of different drinks. To personalise the packaging you could have a line reading “To be mixed with…” where you can add your choice of drink. This may also put an end to the drink thieving at parties. Pringles, known for being the go to party food could go a similar route to Coca-Cola and have packaging which tells who’s party you’re going too. Or maybe a specific event like a 21st or an office party. Just ideas of course, but we here at Rogue feel that if you hit the nail on the head with personalised packaging then your brand will get recognised for it.

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