It has actually taken over the world. Pokemon GO has been smashing records since its launch by Niantic on July 6th of this year. In a matter of weeks, it has become the most successful mobile game in U.S history. The app now commands an audience of just under 21 million active users daily in the United States alone. That means that it has passed out CandyCrush (you know the one… that once-annoyingly addictive app that everyone was playing…!) Its that big. So how to jump onto this gravy train? How can the app be utilised to make conversions? Because its the perfect vehicle for digital marketing Ireland needs to start looking at; and quick, while the iron’s still hot.

Digital Marketing Ireland Can Utilise For Free

I mean, lets look at some of the most well known companies who are jumping on the bandwagon with their marketing… Big names like Yelp and T-Mobile are conceiving unique ways to use the wave of popularity Pokemon Go is currently floating on at the minute. Yelp has enabled users to search for restaurants, stores and areas which are nearby PokeStops (A PokeStop is a gps location on the Pokemon Go app, where app users can find Pokemon, fellow users, etc). Likewise with T-Mobile, they’ve altered certain data offers to exempt Pokemon GO use from eating or using data on the package. This would tie in with their ‘T-Mobile Tuesday’ promotion and also includes ¢15 Lyft rides to locations relevant to users and also a deal on battery packs and charger (a nod to the app’s notorious battery usage). It really goes to prove that any business of any size can utilise this app creatively to generate attention. The more ingenious, the better.   Its the trending digital marketing Ireland need to get on board with. Tomorrow it will something else. But right now? Its Pokemon GO. By adopting these guerilla-like tactics to their marketing, Irish businesses can appear current, relevant, and in front of the eyes of a massive community of tech savvy app users. Even if it was as basic as simple engagement with app users across your social media channels, its important for businesses to identify trends worth getting attached to.  

GO’s Sponsored Content: Digital Marketing Ireland Can Consider

Niantic has also (after much talk) begun to roll out ‘Sponsored content’ and ‘Sponsored locations’ within the app. In Japan, the developer has announced a deal with global giant McDonalds, whereby 3,00 of their restaurants in Japan will become Pokemon gyms, where users can battle each other with one hand, and wolf down a Big Mac with the other. It will be a subtle and optimum example of product placement, as it inhabits the world of Pokemon Go without sticking out as overtly overbearing advertising.  Simply put, it makes their geographical location a coveted location for app users. It it a perfect use of the app’s capabilities, but will understandably cost advertisers a great deal to utilise properly. For small and medium size business, maybe altering how you market your service across social media could generate positive brand awareness within a community that is huge and is growing all the time. For example: a cafe; getting users to screenshot pictures from the game-play screen at your exact geographical location, in exchange for half-price coffee. This is targeted digital marketing Ireland would benefit from a business point of view. Pokemon Go is yet another tool that can generate publicity and which can be free