Print campaigns are not dead. You’re just not doing them well.

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The growth of digital marketing and advertising has damaged the effectiveness of traditional print campaigns. Furthermore the fact that newspaper and magazine subscriptions are extremely low has limited the distribution of print ads. So does this mean that print ads are now a thing of the past and should remain that way? No. Have you found that your print campaigns aren’t performing very well? If so, you’re just not very good at them. An example of how good print campaigns can be.

What’s wrong with print campaigns?

The massive surge in digital marketing has led many to believe print campaigns are dead. Naturally with less people viewing a campaign people are going to think that, but what the real problem here is the overload of rubbish (nicely put) print ads. Print ads, even done well can have their drawbacks a couple of examples straight of the bat include; if the image isn’t good enough there’s no stopping power, an over reliance on words rather than images and especially now at the height of the digital age, the lack of instant interaction. Interaction with a (good) print ad is usually a three step process, read headline – read lengthier copy – visit website or make a phone call. Whereas with digital ads, interaction is as simple as a click of a button or a tap of a screen.

Bad example of print campaigns

Don’t ever do this.

these are drawbacks for sure, but every type of advert has it’s drawbacks. Take digital ads for example, people are now just naturally ignoring them as if we have built in ad blockers (we’ll save that topic for another post). What we’re getting at here is that drawbacks and restrictions are only natural, they’re not stopping you from creating effective print ads. The value of a strong image. Include strong images, easy to read headings and interesting paragraphs and you’ll soon realise that print campaigns are not dead. The good ones are just lying under a heap of really, really…really bad ones! Check out some amazing recent print ads here.

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