Product placement, do it like Bond.

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The recent release of the latest James Bond film, ‘Spectre’ sees Mr. Bond wrestle with a brand new villain. It also sees him lock horns with a slate of different products. Product placement has always been ripe in the Bond franchise, however Spectre drops 17 products in its runtime. Is this taking it too far? Or is Bond really just a character who needs all the latest high tech gadgets, luxury sports cars and fancy clothes?

Brands are desperate for product placement.

If you haven’t seen ‘The Greatest Movie Ever Sold’ by Morgan Spurlock then you really should. It’s basically about a film that was made using budget made from advertising, product placement and branding which would appear in the film. It says a lot about how badly these brands want to be included in any sort of film. Therefore, getting your product into a Bond film must be a pretty big deal.

Product placement in the greatest movie ever sold

Morgan Spurlock’s experiment with product placement.

Why would you use product placement?

Think about it. If you could have your brand linked with a suave, sophisticated super spy why wouldn’t you? Sony, Aston Martin and Rolls-Ryce all have strong links with 007. They all match the traits of the character and film itself. Hell, if Bond ever wants to team up with a experiential marketing agency then we’re all in. Shoot us an email Moneypenny.

Bond sporting his new Rogue gear.

The reason why it works for the James Bond franchise is because these placements don’t feel out of place. You can see Bond driving a Jaguar, wearing an Omega watch and drinking exquisite Belvedere vodka.

Atleast do it right.

Bad product placement only really happens when the placement itself is too obvious. Just look at the Sex in the City movies, actually don’t. We’ll save you the time and just tell you there are some ridiculous product placements in that movie. It’s almost on par with the pisstake product placement in ‘Wayne’s World’.

So that’s a Rogue’s advice on product placement. Only do it if you’re James Bond.

No, but seriously product placement should only be done if it’s not done badly, avoid obvious and in your face references and you should be okay. Now I’m off to buy a new Sony Xperia Z5 in my brand new Aston Martin DB10.

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