It’s Time For Change: Nurture Street Art In Dublin

1 tag could lead to a life of unemployment & prison! Wait what? Yes, according to DCC this is the life you may lead should you ever even consider combining a spray can and a wall. God forbid we try to encourage street art in Dublin.

Granted, Kaleb loves Shauna 4eva scribbled across a hoarding is not street art. But still, everyone has to start somewhere, I’m sure the best street artists first cut their teeth carving their name into the back of a bus seat…I mean let’s face it a tag is essentially your signature and when we learn to write we start with our name. If there were more legal walls for the purposes of street art, particularly in high “Graffiti-d” areas, this would be much less of an issue. No one has a problem with street art when its executed well… In fact they are willing to pay six figure sums to obtain it.

Are we still living in an age where we threaten and suppress rather than nurture? We need to invest into providing legal spaces where these so called vandals can practice, not producing ridiculously stereotyped animations and putting spend into running them in cinemas.