Facebook: essential. And Instagram. And Twitter. And Pinterest. And Tumblr. All these platforms are a basic requirement for what a business needs to be seen and heard. But making a noise that can be heard above everyone else is becoming harder and harder to do these days. So, how to stand out? Well, what about the enfant-terrible of social? What about Snapchat? How does a business enter the world of Snapchat marketing? Are we now starting to see a Snapchat marketing Ireland?   From the early day-fears of it being a breeding ground for ‘Dick-Pics’ (It still can be… So I’m told) to its burgeoning importance as a social influencer, Snapchat has seen itself thrust to the position of most popular social app in Ireland amongst 15- 24 year olds, with a very healthy percentage rate of 35 % of 25- 54 year olds holding accounts, and growing. Basically, the market is there. But in the early stages of the app’s life, no one really knew what to do with it. Unlike other social media services, Snapchat defined itself as being a private-social media app. That meant that viewing figures for brands and businesses were unavailable.  And that meant that a workable, Snapchat marketing Ireland was a pipe-dream. A wish. A lust for technological-clairvoyance. How to get into the heads’ of these Kids?!   When Snapchat introduced the ‘Story’ upgrade in late 2013, advertisers started to seriously look at how products could be properly marketed through the app. The app that had the direct eyes and ears of a young, in-the-know market, became a serious focus of larger companies, with brands like Adidas and Coca-Cola buying space in the featured section of Snapchat stories. And that’s all very well and good when you have a huge, unlimited budget, but how then to harness it’s potential organically, with a standard account-profile? And also, how to quantify your Snap/Story’s success? Are you ready to join a Snapchat marketing Ireland? Is it viable for a small or medium sized business?

Snaplytics: Paving The Way For A Snapchat Marketing Ireland?

That’s where the new service ‘Snaplytics’ comes in. Launched in June 2015, the service can gain a company an insight into pretty much everything useful wanted from Snapchat: A Snap’s Reach, viewer’s retention rate, active followers, growth, even how growth has been achieved (i.e either by username, snapcode, add-back or deep-link). Basically, ‘Snaplytics’ can tell you how many people actually click into and watch a snap story (and who don’t merely skip through it to clear their feed), how many view a whole story, how much of a video is watched (i.e. 2 seconds of a ten second video for example) and by whom, how people have added your account, etc.

Scheduled Snapchat Content

But possibly the biggest game changer out of all is their ‘Publishing’ feature. With this, members can actually schedule content to publish on their account. This means, for example, that a whole week’s worth of snapping can be produced when easiest and most appropriate, and scheduled then to pop up for followers at a time selected. It even allows for cross-platform sharing, with ‘Snaplytics’ gaining access to other social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram to feature on the business’ Snap story.   This really is a significant development, as companies tied for time (i.e. everyone, ever) can now have a full week’s compliment of snapchat content scheduled and ready to queue and publish when appropriate. And with ‘Snaplytics” analysis of Stories’ successes or failures, really all the ingredients are there for a successful Snapchat marketing Ireland, especially to help reach a younger, tech-savvy audience.   Snapchat is something that is ignored at the peril of many businesses. And now, with a service like ‘Snaplytics’ you can quantify reach, growth of viewership, and adjust your marketing approach accordingly. Topping all that off with the ‘Publishing’ feature, t’would be remiss of you to not dive in and immerse yourself in the world of Snapchat and all its users. Happy Snapping!