There have been reports in the last number of days that Snapchat is planning to introduce an algorithm that will prioritize stories from publishers and brands. Many of these will be allocating their resources for the platform which currently has a young and active audience. The mobile app only recently revamped the app in March introducing the ‘auto-advance Stories’ which plays clips in continuous sequence.

Benefits For Snapchat Publishers and Brands

The use of an algorithm is not uncommon in social media with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram having already developed their own. The development began at the start of the year, however it is unknown when the change will take effect. Snapchat allows family and friends to follow one another in addition to the accounts of their favourite brands and publishers. It is these professional accounts that will feel the impact from the introduction to this algorithm.

Paid Advertising

Snapchat is rumoured at the moment to be offering promoted account ads for brands to pay for visibility within users’ feeds. It’s uncertain how this will affect change on their discover page, content offered up daily by a select few publishers. This has been mentioned for a while with paid advertising taking preference over organic audience. Snapchat currently has over 10 billion video views each day and 100 million daily users.

Controlled Content

Currently snapchat is the most used social platform among young people in 2016 with the majority aged between 18-24. This algorithm will give snapchat more control over what a user sees first when opening their feed. While it is not known for certain, many suspect that it will be similar to Facebook’s news feed. This contains the order of content based on the user’s interests and previous engagement’s. The move may also be a welcome boost for publishers that are not on the discover feature.