Snapchat, the unique marketing platform.

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Where do we stand with Snapchat? Is it just a fun app to send your friends pictures of you equipped with a badly drawn batman mask , or is it a powerful marketing tool? Both. Obviously we’re not going to do a list of the top ten Snapchat masterpieces (although you should look them up). No, we’re going to talk about Snapchat, the unique marketing platform.

Snapchat, the unique marketing platform.

Why is Snapchat becoming the new go to app for brands? Because it’s massively effective that’s why. It offers brands the ability to show off unique, real time updates that it can’t show off on any other platform. Take ComicCon as a quick example. Snapchat users who have added the ComicCon profile were getting real time updates on the event. What it’s doing, rather geniously is turning the advertisement into the product. It’s one of the most popular social apps amongst younger consumers or millennials. According to Business Insider (US) Snapchat went from 0% of teens regarding it as their most important social network to 13% in just one year. This was the biggest jump from any of the major social networks! The recent introduction of ‘Discover’ only improves Snapchat as a marketing platform. It partners Snapchat with massive brands like; CNN, Vice, Comedy Central and National Geographic, allowing them to bring you their stories on a daily basis at the push of a finger!

Snapchat discover

Snapchat discover easily allows you to access brands stories.

Much like sending your best mate a picture of your breakfast, companies content will only last a certain amount of time. Therefore there is a huge importance on making the most of the time you have! Follow these simple steps to turn your businesses Snapchat into a unique marketing platform.

Know the Snapchat environment.

Snapchat has always, since the beginning of time been a really casual social experience. Sharing pictures of excel spreadsheets or important business meetings won’t work on Snapchat. Whatever your business, leave the formal attitude behind and have a little fun! That’s what Snapchat does best.

Be smart.

Use the time limit wisely. If you’re bringing out new products use it to tease your customers. Or even put together a ‘what happens next’ competition. Be as creative as possible with the limitations Snapchat has! Snapchat time limit. Tick-tock!

Get personal.

Pictures and videos can be used to show viewers around your office. Introduce your staff and get personal with your content, people love that stuff! Just remember to stay casual and relatable to your audience.  

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