“The holidays are coming…in green!”

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That’s right, you heard it here first. This year’s Coca-Cola the “Holidays Are Coming” campaign is about to be released but this year it’s all a bit green. The holidays are coming…in green!

The holidays are coming in green on every platform.

The famous festive campaign has been given a surprising makeover which no one really expected. The refreshed campaign stretches through T.V, outdoor, print, packaging and even the famed Coca-Cola truck tour. A mock up of how the campaign will look out doors.

Why the green?

The reasons for the drastic change are still unclear. However, it seems Coca-Cola are confident they can literally change the colour of Christmas…again! They lead the campaign with the slogan “We’ve done it before, We’ll do it again”- referring to a time gone by where the soft drink previously changed the colour most associated with Christmas. Funnily enough the previous colour was also green. Someone at Coca-Cola must have a love for all things retro. Even the famous truck tours are getting the green treatment. The “Holidays Are Coming” campaign may make people think of Coca-Cola’s newest line of variation ‘Coke Life’, which is currently falling short of sales expectations. This could just be (another) incredibly smart marketing move by Coca-Cola to further promote the green alternative. Coca-Cola certainly view themselves as being powerful enough to pull off such a feat. However we don’t know right now whether or not this will be continued onto next year. One things for sure, this year santa will be trading in his red suit for a fresher green one. the holidays are coming print campaign. So what do you think? Do you reckon Coca-Cola are big enough to completely change the colour of Christmas? Or will they fall flat with this attempt? One thing is for sure the holidays are coming in green this year and we can’t wait. Let us know what you think in the comments below!      

This campaign is not real. It is simply a figment of our imagination 

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