When working on the copy for any advertising campaign, the time spent agonising over the significance of a single word may seems ridiculous to most people – however, anyone who works within our realm understands that if it is even a degree to the left or right of a perfect point, the campaign will not have the desired effect. Advertisers understand the importance of words, the weight they carry in a sentence and how the simplest use of a phrase can be the difference between effective and forgettable. If this is common knowledge in advertising, then why is it that the wording of a client brief is often not paid the same attention? The importance of a good brief is widely accepted, but often the idea or insight being conveyed is considered in a way that is too fluid or conceptual. The insight should be considered as the seed that helps produce a creative process that is fluid and conceptual, yet remains quite concrete on its own. The words chosen in a brief should communicate the simplicity of the core insight, but also how this simplicity allows for the insight to be translated or developed into creative work. A brief is essentially the first step in the creative process, and so should be given the same level of attention to detail that can be seen in the creative work. If the brief does not jump out at you like a great piece of copy, then it won’t produce creative of the same standard.