The Brief

How we conducted a full credit union digital transformation.

Trinity Credit Union approached Rogue to address a critical issue: the need to redesign their current website and deliver content efficiently and elegantly to prospective members and active users.
Beyond providing a responsive design solution, Trinity wanted to evolve the Credit Union brand by delivering features that would resonate with its users, specifically younger, tech-savvy members.

The Idea

An ambitious Credit Union with a great ethos, Trinity was and is highly focused on customer service, approachability and simplicity. Rogue was able to provide a complete UI/UX redesign that focused on attracting and engaging a younger audience, whilst maintaining ease of use for online banking. This strategy resulted in a far more focused web experience allowing Trinity to communicate a clear value proposition to their target customer.


UI/UX redesign that focused on attracting & engaging a younger audience

The Details

Rogue advocated creating the initial application designs for mobile and tablet screens instead of traditionally building desktop versions first – after all, 70% of members arrived at from a mobile device! By doing so we would be able to promote a unique browsing experience that oozes simplicity, allowing members quick access to the most important elements of the application through a customised mobile navigation bar. Creating a custom mobile design with quick access links to important pages would add significant value to the Trinity website by reducing bounce rate, increasing page views, and most importantly, encouraging new members to join their community.

The Result

Rogue’s combination of product strategy and custom design solutions are helping Trinity as they expand their offering to attract new members across Dublin.

Within the first 30 days of the new website release bounce rates are down by 28%, page views are up by 46%, with over 830 unique visits in less then 30 days with an average session duration increase of 32 seconds.